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Hello All!


I have some great news for you. We are putting together a carnival in Tar Valon. The following divisions are participating: Freelanders, White Tower, Gaidin, Children of the Light, Shayol Ghul, Band of the Red Hand, Seanchan, and Black Tower. Any other divisions that you might like to use have either denied their participation or have not expressed any interest with this event. The FL, WT, Gaidin, and Band are making their presence known. However, CoL, SG, Seanchan and BT will all be undercover in this event.


The Carnival will be one week in the RP world, which is ten days. These ten days will have an opening ceremony on the first day, and a closing ceremony on the last day. Both will be done by the Amyrlin Seat and the Master at Arms. The other eight days will be sponsored around a certain event, which we are leaving up to all of ya’ll. There could be gleeman stories, a show of weaponry and skill, a market place, or anything that you and a group of people want to put together. This is what you do. Come up with an idea, go to your staff for that division, and present them with the idea. They will either approve or say no, and if they approve, then you send it to us. We will then say whether or not there is already something like it, help you form the idea, or beg you to do this. This whole group of threads could be awesome, but it all depends on your participation.


Considering that it is the summer months, we understand that everyone is on LoA. We will begin looking for group participation now and continue until the end of September. I know this is a long time, but during this time, we want ideas on different events and to give everyone a chance to sign up. From there, we will give more details on when exactly the Carnival will begin and what will be going on. In order to put yourself on the list of appearance, please send an email to warders.rp@gmail.com. If you have an idea that is approved by your staff, then also send it to that account.


Thanks everyone, hope you all join in, and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Christine and Shawn

Gaidin RP Coordinators

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