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Crossing the Yard (Open)


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Only last night had Cadwyn finally been given permission to leave the sick rooms of the Tower, and it seemed as though his friends among the servants had learnt of it before he did. He was told quite firmly that they would arrange for his things to be brought down for him, and he agreed if only to keep them quiet on the matter. He thought himself perfectly capable of bringing his clothes down himself, but it seemed as if they still only saw his outward appearance. He had thought to awake early in the morning to sneak them out, but it appeared as if they'd secreted them out in the night, all surreptitious smiles when bringing breakfast at dawn.


He had eaten quickly and walked briskly down stairs and halls of the Tower eager to leave those rooms where he had learnt of his mother's death. Of late they seemed more stifling, and too ridged. He had been anxious to leave them. Now that he finally had, he realized he'd no idea where he was going. A few questions among the servants near the entrance of the Tower yielded that the Mistress of Trainees was called Thera, so he supposed that was a good place to start.


Cadwyn walked carefully through the grounds of the Warder's Yard, approaching the nearest person. "Could you point me toward the Mistress of Trainees, please?"

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Visar was about two hours through his morning practice.  He was half-way through practicing on staff when a very young man approached him.

"Could you point me toward the Mistress of Trainees, please?" the boy asked, looking slightly lost.  Visar sighed, placing his staff against the fence, and asked his training partner to wait for him.


Visar carefully scrutinized the youth.  The boy stood at his own unimpressive height, but he was much thinner and looked sickly pale.  I wonder what the world is coming to if this is what passes for a trainee these days.  Boy looks as if he had just seen a bloody Fade!


"Aye, I could." Visar said roughly, his throat a little scratchy this morning.  He wanted to know what the boy's purpose was first before he revealed anything though.  The boy's unhealthy appearance regardless, it could never hurt to be cautious where the Mistress of Trainees was concerned, and the Light forbid Visar knowingly waste her time by sending someone who did not really have business seeing her.


"You a trainee, boy?  Or are you wanting to become one?" he asked, making sure the boy did have some business with Thera.

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Cadwyn almost frowned at the man's rough tone, and appraising eye. It was no fault of his own he'd just recovered from the brink. He supposed he would have to get used to that though, especially if this man was a Tower Guard or Warder, which he looked to be.


"I am," he said, but then he hesitated thinking over the events of the night he'd met that woman. After their exchange there hadn't been much more said, save an exchange of pleasantries before departing for the evening. "Or perhaps I am not."


He gave the man a small, weak grin before trying to explain his situation. "So you see, I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what I am," he said with a forced chuckle.


OOC - I'll leave this mystery warder woman open. If anyone who joins wishes a character of theirs to fill her role feel free to jump in!

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"I am,"

"Or perhaps I am not."

Visar raised an eyebrow at that strange, hesitant reply, bemused.

"So you see, I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what I am," the boy said with an odd sounding laugh.  Visar didn't see what was funny.


"I see..." Visar said to fill in the awkward space of a more polite reply he could not muster.  Then he guessed that perhaps the boy had been here a while.  Then suddenly he recognized him.  Must be that boy that has been watching us under the tree.  Come to think of it...wasn't he in the Tower recovering from something?  Some plague from the north?  We've been hearing a lot of nasty rumors about that...  The boy must be interested in the warder program, Visar thought, but as he just admitted, was not sure if he wanted to join yet.  Well, he didn't have much time to convince the young man one way or the other.  But perhaps Thera did.


Visar managed a more sympathetic, polite tone after clearing his throat.


"Well if you're not sure, then why don't you have a chat with Mistress Thera? She'll be sure to tell you the details you want to know, and if you are sure, she'll sign you up if it pleases her to do so.  I'll show you the way, her office is just over here."


Visar led the way, strolling easily but still keeping a careful eye on the boy that followed.  They left the Warder Yard complex and made their way straight to Thera's office.  Once there, Visar spoke solemnly by the door, "here you are, Mistress Thera's office.  Good luck, lad." he added more kindly with a reassuring nod.  He turned to leave.


(ooc: I'll let you take it from here, whether you want to keep the meeting with Thera in this thread, or make a new one, or continue talking to Visar, up to you)

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