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  1. Cadwyn almost frowned at the man's rough tone, and appraising eye. It was no fault of his own he'd just recovered from the brink. He supposed he would have to get used to that though, especially if this man was a Tower Guard or Warder, which he looked to be. "I am," he said, but then he hesitated thinking over the events of the night he'd met that woman. After their exchange there hadn't been much more said, save an exchange of pleasantries before departing for the evening. "Or perhaps I am not." He gave the man a small, weak grin before trying to explain his situation. "So you see,
  2. Only last night had Cadwyn finally been given permission to leave the sick rooms of the Tower, and it seemed as though his friends among the servants had learnt of it before he did. He was told quite firmly that they would arrange for his things to be brought down for him, and he agreed if only to keep them quiet on the matter. He thought himself perfectly capable of bringing his clothes down himself, but it seemed as if they still only saw his outward appearance. He had thought to awake early in the morning to sneak them out, but it appeared as if they'd secreted them out in the night, all su
  3. lolwut? Your mindless spouting is quite silly. If you read the novels, you'd know they waited to have sex until after their marriage. And what's more Patrick Buchanan is a bloody idiot. So long as he professes some moronic belief that Hitler didn't want war, no one should take him seriously. The man shows blatant racism, and while some of his views may have started out good, he is horribly lead astray. Also, lololol @ me defending Twilight. Must be cold in hell.
  4. Rumours would probably reach Rand, presuming he doesn't immediately try to establish contact with Tuon again. Marriages of royalty are things that are proclaimed to every corner of the land, and I don't see why Seanchan would be different. I don't think, however, it would be likely that he learns it was Mat from those rumours. Most likely it would be something along the lines of "the Daughter of Nine Moons (Or perhaps I should say Empress?) married a local Lord." I do agree that the story will be epic. Mat has had a growingly large place in my heart, especially since Rand picked up Depres
  5. Rand? And Semi (Seanchan) And maybe even Graendal (Shara) Graendal is in Arad Doman, not Shara.
  6. Either when she first sees Alivia or when Alivia first starts hanging around Rand, Min sees that Alivia will help Rand to die. She doesn't know what Alivia will do, she just assumes it's that she will turn on him one day. That's all there is to it really, but you're probably right when you mention Alivia is going to help those two lines of prophecy come true.
  7. The children of noon united with the people of the rising sun. Fits nicely!
  8. I think you're mistaken. The OP's not asking for more Forsaken, he's asking for an idea of the unnamed ones. He doesn't want to see them, just know about more about them. If I recall correctly, I seem to remember one of the Forsaken mentioning there being thirty of them? My memory is a bit hazy, so I might be wrong, but that's something I've always remembered.
  9. Well the only thing going against this theory is that Gaidal appears only a book or two before Olver shows up, Olver being nine years old makes for a bit of a discrepancy between Gaidal's disappearance and Olver's birth. However this is countered with the argument that we can't really know the difference between times in the "real" world and T'A'R, so we cannot say whether or not this is possible. Of course, going in the same vein as the "Aram can't be Gaidal because of his age," if you removed "Aram" and inserted any male cast member's name it's essentially the same. Again if Gaida
  10. Personally, I always thought Olver was a much more likely person for Gaidal to be reborn as, going along under the assumption that he's known to us in some way. Raised by various soldiers, ugly, short. I know there is always the argument "We see Gaidal only a book or so before Olver" but Brigitte herself speaks of the time difference, and who are any of us to say how large that difference may be? I'm just pulling this out of the air, of course, but it would be interesting.
  11. ughughughughughugh. Twilight. For me, I hate the series. I've read every one of the books and quite honestly they're pretty ridiculous. The characters are flat, the overall story is pretty boring, blahblahblahtwilighthate. Of course, I have to realize the books aren't exactly aimed at me. :P For their target audience, I'd say the books are decent. Not great, but not bad either. They got my younger sisters reading, a feat in itself. I could probably count the books they'd read before that. Now they're at least open to reading, and if it does that to any of the other girls* out there t
  12. And driven himself insane? Ingenious. He tries to kill himself because she dies and because of the taint. "Thats showing 'em Rand. 'Atta boy. OH SWEET JESUS THE PAIN IS IN MY SOCKS." *DIE* I mean seriously think about it for a moment :/ That wasn't his thinking at all. There is a bit of Compulsion in the Warder Bond, it is easier to control 50 odd angry Aes Sedai by bonding them rather than shielding them the whole time. I was under the impression it did come from Rand? He has that whole "If-another-woman-dies-in-my-name-I-am-going-to-make-a-new-Dragonmount" Emo though
  13. No real order to this but Mat and his current Retinue (Tuon included) Cadsuane. Moiraine. Siuan. Lan. Nynaeve. Min before she got sad and sorta pathetic. Rhuarc. Dobraine. Aviendha. I think that is it.
  14. Personally, I would rather see small name actors taking on the major roles (With a few exceptions) and smaller supporting actors with a name for themselves. I noticed that some of the actresses (And actors just Mila stands out most in my mind) were from comedys, and personally I don't think they would do well in any role in the movie, simply because I couldn't see them in a dramatic/ epic movie. That is not to say they couldn't do it, just I have a hard time seeing. Moraine - Carrie Fisher Cadsuane - Angela Lansbury
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