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can anyone explain what......


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shocklances = rifles, guns, what have you, probably of a more futuristic type.


jumpers = some kind of hover craft, probably like a hovering motorcycle.


sho-wings = airplanes, futuristic flying transportation.

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The Big White Book says:


"...[the vehicles] used a type of antigravity technology. ... Jo-cars had a very efficient four-wheel design or in the floater version, a type of gravitational hovercraft technology.  Both jumpers and hoverflies could float suspended above the ground at various distances."


Jo-cars seem to be regular cars, and also hovercraft cars. 

Hoverflies seem to be helicopters.


The sho-wing was "an airborne vehicle available in several types and sizes. ... The sho-wing designs were derived from a basic delta-wing pattern..."


Sho-wings are airplanes.


"Shocklances and other tools for long-distance destrucion were built along with suitable body armor."


I think a shocklance must be similar to a stun-gun.


Hope that helps. 



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We see the pistol version of a shocklance in KoD-31-The House on Full Moon Street.


It is a weapon which gives a discharge of electricty which can be set to stun or kill. Unlike a stungun it can do so over distance without direct contact. The Seanchan have a weave that has the same effect, likely used in capturing damane given it renders the victim unable to channel.

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