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  1. it doesnt matter if the dark one is killed or destroyed because it always states that the dark one is outside of the patten says something like 'the creator made the pattern and at the moment of creation lock or imprisoned the dark one outside of the pattern' or something similar to that so rand could stab the dark one in the face and the world wouldnt explode pesonally i think the DO will just be sealed back up again
  2. yer but mat was killed by the male half of the power and his amulet only effects the womens half (does'nt it?) ???
  3. the sword that siuan made was anchored to her herself and she was anchored to the floor ::)
  4. any one else confuesd by stuff (list here)
  5. these are shocklances ??? sho-jumpers ??? sho-wings ???
  6. the 'stand on the platform idea' would not work because of the following : - as every one said ealier in the post you can not lift you self of the ground with the one power - it has to be anchored to somthing e.G the tipe rope elayne use's - and because of many other reasons that i cant be bothered to explain but sumone else probally might list sum ::)
  7. something dark because it was in the blight wasnt it?? ??? plus he's pretty evil and is controlled by the dark one (he was sent to kill the 2 black ajah before they could reveal anything (elayne and ny"summit" had captured them in the stone of tear ;D i think?
  8. yer but gholam's look like every one else your not just gonna balefire everyone are you? ???
  9. i dont think its the siver that hurts the gholam because if its the first time it has ever been hurt then it could be silver as surley it would have come into contact with such a common metal as silver? i think it has do to with what the fox head does unravel the weave (or summit) like two magnets repel
  10. can gholam's be killed by balefire? ??? there must be a way to kill them other than mats foxhead thing
  11. gholam's 8) there so cool and could easily kill the other shadow spawn
  12. and then land on cash-bin or whatever her name is ;D
  13. mat will save Moiraine with his trusty sidekick :D but when they come out of the Tower of genji Moiraine will step on a land mine then they will go "oh morain what are you like" then burst out laughing (by the way she doesnt survive this :'() thats probbally the most likely thing to happen in the next book ;D
  14. she can still die from a snake or a massive 100 foot vulture :)
  15. Maybe they will run into each other and combine to form super Randmat+perrin with 6 arms and 3 head ect... :o ??? Honestly I have no idea how they will defeat the dark one, apart rand fighting him but what are mat and perrin gonna do neither can channel? ??? any thoughts?
  16. everyone will die apart from lorial' wife - erian (or summit) she's hot.... ;)
  17. it did but the trolloc was never gonna win but a fade has a good chance ;)
  18. lorial did fight a fade when he went through the ways to get to the two rivers with perrin (but it wasnt 1v1 perrin killed it i think) :P
  19. but the only people that can use that trick are people who can use the one power Also when suan was stilled and was infront of the rebel aes sedai she was sweating and wishing that she could use that aes sedai trick now ??? ??? Do you have to be able to touch the one power or something?
  20. yer logain thanks he and taim will kill each other either epically (massive fight) or bumps heads and fall over dead (probbally the first one :D)
  21. i think galad will die and so will.... Taim and whats-his-face (can also channel) >:( ???
  22. maybe min is aelfinn in disguise :o haha lol probally not good theory tho :) never thought of that link before i agree i think mins ability is very close to the aelfins abilty i always thought she looked a bit snakey...... ??? :-\ :D
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