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Just to say hi from a newbie here

Seaine Sedai

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Hi, my name is Amber and usually online I go by Silveramberz, but this forum gives me a somewhat unique opportunity to go by one of the most intriguing characters IMO.  I don't even know how to pronounce her name (well, aside from the way they do on the books on tape, but I don't always think those people are right with the way they pronounce names), so in my head I pronounce her name along the lines of "shay-EEN".  Anyway, I find her intriguing because she's unique in the Tower Aes Sedai Hall--she's the only one who was not notified of Elaida's coup over Suian and yet stayed rather than flee to Salidar.  I think there's going to be a lot more to the reasons why she did this other than just "The Tower must be whole, Mother", particularly since there's that weird thing going on with the Mystery of the Too Young Sitters in Salidar or the "Unusual" choices made in the Tower as replacements.  She's been a Sitter a long time so I highly doubt she'd be left out of the loop on that one.


Anyway, I'm 28, I've been reading the books for about 10 years, I've re-read what's come out I don't know how many times (the paperbacks are getting rather worn), and I have that curse where you're such an avid reader that 2 days after the book is out you're already finished with it because you couldn't stop devouring it long enough to put it down unless it involved life/death.  It also means I tend to miss subtle clues but since I thoroughly enjoyed reading the WOTFAQ and WOT mania (can someone get me a copy of the stuff that was on WOT mania? I kicked myself 2 days ago when I realized I'd not backed up a copy for myself before it went offline), and I've been thoroughly enjoying reading the forums here when normally I'm not much of a forum reader.  I used to come here to Dragonmount to read when RJ himself was alive and posting on the blog, but it's been something of a heartbreak to come here since then, so it was the disappearance of WOT mania that brought me back, essentially.


I guess that's pretty much it.  Oh, and my favorite character is Mat :)

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Welcome to DM!


Fear not! I believe that some of the wotmania content is to be transferred over here, but I do not know how long that will take. So you may have to sit and wait...or hope someone here has a backup.


Anyway, have a good look at the site, and don't hesitate to ask questions. There is much to do and see here. :)

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