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Finally registered

Voscaia Sedai

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Hi everybody,


I have been lurking around here for several years, mainly in the announcements and blogs section, while I was now and then posting at wotmania with this SN (so some might have read my name already). I started reading WoT in 1997, and, though my native tongue is German, always stuck to the English books. My main focus will be the book forums, but although I generally prefer real life contacts, every nice PN will be answered as nicely ;) I also joined RAFO :P, and I started my seventh or so re-read of WoT this week to prepare for TGS...

Oh yes, I'm evil and have joined the Black Ajah ;D



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Welcome to DM!


I am sure you will fit in well here. DM has much on offer, which I am sure you have seen from your lurking. Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything during your exploring. :)


Oh, and "boo, hiss" for joining the Black Ajah!  :P

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