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Approved WT Character Maglaen Nehel -- CC'd by the Men in Black


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Basic Information

Handle : Maglaen Nehel

Character Count : 0

Contact : khryssie2@gmail.com


Character Information

Name: Maglaen Nehel

Age: 18

Nationality: Domani



Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Skin: Bronze/Olive

Height: 5'7"

Voice: Soprano

Other: -



Special Skills: -

Knowledge Weakness: -

Physical Weakness: -

Personality weakness: Passive-aggressive, leads her to lose her temper unexpectedly. Maglaen can be rash and illogical at times, wanting it to be her way or the highway. Has a hard time recognizing and accepting authority.



Generally quiet, Maglaen isn't overly friendly or outgoing. She's generally socially awkward, preferring to let others do the talking while she listens. Maglaen has always been an ambitious girl, though, craving more power and influence; her life is boring, and she wants more. She isn't by any means malicious or manipulative, the girl simply gets bored easily. Maglaen is passive-aggressive, and often withholds her feelings and problems, preferring to let them fester and stew than admit she's feeling angry or upset.




Hardly an interesting history- Maglaen was born into a small family. Her father was a prosperous merchant, but by no means overly wealthy. Her family lived comfortably, but it was always a provebial rollercoster. One winter, especially, money became tight because her father failed in ridding himself of his entire stock. The family found it difficult to get through the winter; they were often cold, and hungry. Not even her mediocre-skills as a Domani woman (a bat of the eyelashes, a puckered pair of lips, a sweet smile) could obtain much more than a hot meal or two. After that particularly traumatic experience, Maglaen felt a desire for more than life gave her. She developed into an ambitious young woman, always wanting to experience more of the world. She promised herself that she'd never be cold and hungry again- not if it was within her power, at least. Luckily, she has recently been given a chance. Finding out that she could possibly learn to channel has been a most exciting development; but the young woman does have some reservations about going to the White Tower. Maglaen's parents always mentioned Aes Sedai in a negative sense; they are manipulative, controlling, and cold. Maglaen is torn between her desire for a more exciting, powerful life and her reluctance to submit to this collection of horrible, distance, uncaring women. But her ambitious nature is proving stronger than her reservations; not even the thought of never seeing her family again has Maglaen thinking twice. The young Domani woman is ready to pack her bags and set off for the White Tower, eager to gain enough experience to form her own opinions, rather than go on what her parents have told her.

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