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*decides to post* :)


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Hello there.


Longtime lurker, first time poster here and have decided to join the wonderful WoT community through RP and discussions.


Don't really know what to jot down here, but I enjoy WoT, study of and reading of Shakespeares' works, romantic and comedy films, legal studies and law, historical studies, and am most likely entering university next year to become a Teacher of Modern/Ancient History or of English.


Anyways, sounds boring, but it's my life in a nutshell. Hope to see many of you out and about in the depths of the forums!


The light illumine you all.


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Hi and welcome aboard! Glad to have you around. :) Are you a fellow Brit? I ask only because Americans seem to be totally incapable of using the word university in its proper meaning. ;) I'm hoping to read law at university in 2007 myself so I gather we share an interest in legalese.


PS: If you need any help getting started in the roleplay, come to me. :D

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Guest Egwene

Welcome to the forums, Rhetrus :)


As a long time lurker, I assume you have already made your way over to the book discussions as a priority and voted on the 'who dunnit' thread :wink: As your sentiment on Taim/Demandred totally reflected mine, I am hoping we might agree on the suspect in the murder investigation as well *g*


Have fun :P

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