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Hello, it's me again! Who is me you might ask? Dig deep, go waaaaaaay back! Ok well hi to those still here from years ago, Rune is still alive and kicking. Otherwise hello to all I don't know. :)


I good rule of thumb I should have thought was DO NOT read the other forums until you've caught up on the series... missing eyes, dead people rolling deathgates.. man I need to read faster...



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Is there any other? :) Hello Jhae long time no see, speak or any other thingie!


Just when you thought you were finally rid of me *g*


Runie, back from the dead with the same swelled head.

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Guest Egwene

Welcome back, Rune and hello back from someone you wouldn't have met before :P


So... are you still catching up on the books? If not... there is a poll or two on the book discussion boards waiting for your vote *g*


Hope this place is as good as you remember... maybe even better 8)

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Hahahaa... welcome back then! I just came back recently full time mainly on the community side... just hanging out really.


I have to go pack more and stuff (doing a mini vacation to Mt. Rushmore this weekend... lol), so I hope you're well and see ya soon!


((If you want a laid back org for when you're not RPing (if you're even RPing) check out the Kin... it's where I hang most of the time if I'm not with the Blues. :wink: ))

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Well I'm glad to see you still here. It is always nice to talk to old, familiar faces. :) I am wellish, I hope (and it seems so!) you are the same.


I will check out the Kin, but I don't think I'll be doing any RP'ing, Runie's lost his edge.


Anywho I'll be around I'll talk to you soon!



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Hahaha... I know how you feel about the RP. I have my bio approved and actually have half of an RP written, but I haven't posted one RP yet... :roll: I also have my character in my sig... lol. Oh well...


Yeah, come by the Kin if ya want. We just hang out and have fun. :D I was asked to be a Sitter at the Blues so I said okay, but I don't really do much (BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE)... except beat bad novices and aspirants. No, actually Charis does that... hmmmm... Heheheee... :wink:

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