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REE and other new companies, how does it work?


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Im just abit curious. I havent found all that much information about REE. I have ofc seen the various topics that is ongoing in the REE part forum, where pretty much all sorts of stuff is discussed, even if the discussion pretty much has died lately because of lack of information or progression. But my impression from those topics, is that REE is planning to not only make an movie, but also make games for all sorts of platforms. Other information that i have read has usually been different blog posts where they link announcements about Universal/REE etc right that moment, no ongoing information.


What im abit curious, if someone could shed a light, maybe you understand things better because you are from america or for some other reason. But how does a company like this actually work? a new company on tops of that. Where will they first of all get the money to make a movie like the WOT, and then the money to make all sorts of games. Its all about investments, or are these founders of this company a) either very wealthy? or b) made REE as some sort of "daugther company"(sorry dont know the english translating from swedish) to a bigger one?


What im abit afraid of, is that its all overhyped. Now im not a person that is that much into computer games etc, but i do got a relative who has been studying to become a game maker(again dont know the trans) and i have heard abit of all the swedish game companies who suddenly just died. And the reason i take it up, as an example. Is because all these swedish game companies, were very new and "world leading?" in certain aspects, but the moment the big company, like electronic arts, stopped giving out funds, the company instantly died. So yeah... im just curious exactly how independent REE actually is, and what kind of situation a company like that actually can be in. Since in my opinion when it comes to a movie like WOT, its needed to have a solid crew behind it.

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This is probably better asked on the REE forum, but Red Eagle is a 'rights handling company', effectively middle-men who basically buy the rights to a well-known work to re-loan them later on (for a profit) to an actual movie production studio. The creative input of rights-handling companies varies immensely from absolutely no creative input (they're there purely for the money) to having hands-on roles as producers. Exactly how REE is set up is a question best put to them.


With regards to the film side of things, my understanding is that REE has bought the rights to the WoT movies and then re-leased them to Universal (a few days before their option ran out, according to Sanderson). Universal is now developing scripts, looking at ideas etc. From the comments in the REE forum, it sounds like REE have a production credit and possibly script approval as well. If Universal don't put the movie into production within a certain time period (which can be a few months or up to several years), the rights will revert back to REE and unless they can find someone else interested ASAP, then from them back to the Jordan Estate.


Given the length of time that has elapsed since the sale to Universal, it would be interesting to get a general status update. If there's still no movement in a year or two, I imagine we'll be seeing the rights reverting to Harriet and REE's involvement in the project come to an end.


The computer/video games situation may be different. REE may have enough money from the Universal deal to hire a games development studio themselves, but that would be a daunting idea for a company with no previous experience in such a field. It would be much more logical to wait until the film goes into production and then partner with a big company (like EA, Ubisoft or Activision) to develop the games.

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