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  1. First time ive seen something which i think might be connected to wheel of time in another media :P http://img163.imageshack.us/f/woto.png/
  2. Been thinking about it alittle bit but couldnt think of any names from my head that i might wanna use. Gonna have to google and find a wiki resource with some old tounge listnings or something. And yeah, not obvious names are my cup of tea :) Though preferably enough obvious for other ppl who read the books to remember and relate.
  3. Still im a hardcore fan, tho i can hardly represent any group of either wow players nor wot fans i guess, im just who i am and right now i got plenty of time to kill off for a month or two :) hopefully ill be able to get one char at least to 85 before then so i can slack off with the occassional log in and log out.
  4. Yeah someshta:-) actually had a resto druid named that a long time back, before i stopped playing and sold my account(ages ago, still got the guys msn tho so mby i can free that name up, it was just a low level alt that i was healing dungeons with.. Mm might go with a karedes servant, tho i already got a rogue. Honestly i think i failed, since i didnt mean this to be a thread where i only list names i got and asks for advice for myself, was hoping that more ppl here was playing wow and maybe some had names influenced alot from wot, but maybe i was wrong. If others would had played it and would have had influenced names maybe i could then steal names from the discussion or say if a bunch of ppl out of the millions that do play wow had made a WOT guild, which i could armory browse :p That is, it was partly egocentric with me trying to find new nicks(me being europe and alot here are US) but also alot partly my curiousity if there were gamers out there who already was doing it and if there was guilds around which for the large WOW population made no sense since they never read the books, but for a scarse few who had read the books made all the sense in the world. I Guess thats where i wanted the discussion. That is, without specifically setting up guidelines, the discussion would just spring to life with fellow wot inspired wowers.
  5. Hey! Anyone else who plays wow because of lack of decent wot mmos?:P I just bought myself a new copy of all the expansions of wow and well... havent played for a while and wanna make a bunch of new chars that im gonna level up. Thing is i wanna have Wheel of Time names. Now i thought it was perfect to maybe make a worgen named "goldeneyes" but it seems that name is unavailable. Sure Perrinaybara i was manage to make, but its not really the same SNAP to that name. Anyone who got any advice on names i could use, or someone who already made some with their own names?(i preferably want them to go with the different races that exist, say worgen obviously goes very very well with Perrin) I dont necessarly like Perrin the most tho, tbh my favourite chars in wot would be Tuon/Mat/Noel/Logain/Lanfear/Graendal/Semi/Verin/Moraine/Karede and his servant which i cant recall the name of, something on M i think/the nymf(greenman). Obviously prolly forgot alot of chars that i would love to use as nicks. Ppl i wouldnt wanna use tho would definetly be rand/siuan/elayne/avi/pretty much any AS not mentioned. Dunno, anyone have any good suggestions, or just what they themselves would make? Right now i think im gonna delete the rogue i named perrinaybara to one named Youngbull. Regards and thanks if any got any advice :P
  6. Aye the tgs is a torrent, but ive bought the first 6 books in audio book format, and before i did that i listened to book 1-6 aswell through a torrent, and the quality was great, not like in tgs where the voices feels totally askew. So its only tgs that is different. As far as i can recall when i heard tgs chapter 2 last year from macimillian website, it sounded the same as the clip i linked. So something must have happened.
  7. This is how it sounded up until the end of book 11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhB0I-aAQyc and now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRHGaeJKwuE
  8. As said, is there an explanation to why the audio quality, or well the voices in themselves has changed so much between KOD and TGS?:) I wonder since i like the way kramer and reading is telling em in 1-11 alot better.
  9. I still think its not connected to moridins assembly of troops though. After all the fact that a huge army was beaten back must be apart of it. And as said, the green mans garden didnt have a fixed place, and him dying like he did might affect matters somehow. And as said, the same thing happens in The Great Hunt, why is the heroes of the horn going back and forth like that? And why couldnt the DO have something invested in Ish that he lost when Rand "beat" him. Or as said, unleashing the Eye's power might have done something, Rand had no clue how he harnessed its power, he just look at stuff and they exploded. Or RJ already got a quote somewhere. Or its just not explainable, except through guessing :p
  10. I think RJ has alot of revelations in store for us, ALOt. My only concern is Mat/cadsuane and any other more complex character, will Brandon pull it off better this time?
  11. It's amazing. Because he can't technically avoid spoiler (which is simple by direct link to this thread), you think it is allowed to spoil him IN HIS OWN THREAD??? After everybody agreed not to speak of event taking place after the last entered chapters? Sorry, but it's intolerance and irrespect for me. @Dralid : I agree with Barid Bel Medar. Take your time. To my defense i never named who i thought he was. I just said it was odd with a smiling myrdraal. :) Anyhow, as said, always fun to read threads like this. There is a very very very long thread over at Brandon Sandersons forums aswell, u might have to go digg abit. Though i think the guy who was rereading there have read through all the books now, so you cant step in and encourage him :D But im sure he'll be happy if u bump it for him. Edit found it, until Dralid got time for us again http://www.timewastersguide.com/forum/index.php?topic=6206.0
  12. Saying the obvious of what you already know, which might not really explain anything. Maybe Rand pushing back the great host of trollocks the shienars were fighting did something, he didnt even know what he was doing himself, he just was in autopilot. "look a drakhar, lets fry it". Might aswell ask teh question why the heroes of the horn was pushing back everytime Rand was pushed back, and the seanchan was pushed back everytime Rand pushed Ish back. Or, the unleashing of the eye did something, or that the Nymf had that much mojo left in him that he managed to affect the nature in someway :D After all, the blight gotta have to do with the fact that shayul Gulh(cant spell it) lies in it and thats the place the dark one is closest to their or ours reality. So the blight is somekind of taint, and while most of the forsaken isnt that knowledgable about the Dark One, Ishamael and the Dark One seems to work closely togther so maybe the DO had something invested in him when he fought. Or just a combination of it all :P On a second thought, the blight is said to exist elsewhere aswell, so i dunno exactly if the whole "Blight spreads from SH, holds true". I guess i still have alot to learn.
  13. There is actually only one separate book, New Spring. And is about certain "main" characters in the (FIRST) few books, that leads up to the starting of Eye of the World. It happens 20 years before Eye of the world that is. Its a matter of taste i'd say, u get plenty of things explained to you in New spring, that you also get explained to you in eye of the world, about the logics behind the world. But i would still say reading Eye of the World is the best choice, maybe you could go back and read New Spring after the three first books, if you arent already caught up and just gotta continue(the fourth one is one of the best ones in the series, and just saying its one of the best in the series, means that it is better than all the other really good books :P) My advice would be picking up Eye of the World. Elsewise you might get attached to the wrong characters in the beginning, and some of the mystic might disappear. Hf reading :)
  14. Anyone know anything about the Leviathan in the Aryth Ocean Fain is comparing worms to in the prolouge?:P Or does anyone think about the way Fain thinks before meeting the trollocs? He already know that the blight is massing this huge trolloc army towards the borderlands, and he snatched up a few trollocs of those scouts for himself(the scouts that was looking out for worm packs) Will he be doing anythin about the army, or will he bybass it? Thought the fain chapter was the most interesting by far, of the POV.
  15. Dunno if im wrong, but there is something special about that first myrdraal in the inn, at least one think is described clearly and that is that he is smiling. The reason why the trollocs trash when Lan have chopped the head of the myrdraal is because sometimes the myrdraal somehow links themselves to the trollocs. If the myrdraal dies, the trollocs dies :) As if the trollocs werent enough afraid of the myrdraal in the first place, they now risks to die if they decide to backstab him.
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