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Question on Taim (sorry)

Aemon raHal

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I'm re-reading aCoS at the moment and couldn't stop asking myself the question of why Taim has blue and gold Dragons embroidered on the sleeves of his coat.

I couldn't find any answers!


Is it to annoy Rand - to show he thinks himself an equal?

To show the Asha'man that he's allied with Rand - so they don't forgot who they're ultimately 'working' for?



After Dumai Wells, Perrin notices that when Taim comes back up from couting the dead maidens with Rand, he looks at Gedwyn who shakes his head ever so slightly.

Is this because they have an eye out for Rands little fat man Angreal? Or something else?

If yes, was it to be destined for him? Or for a Forsaken (Dashiva didn't seem to be looking too hard though)?



There are many more questions, but I've seen them discussed elsewhere.










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My enterpretation has always been that he still hasn't quite got over the fact that, far from being the Dragon himself, he is now forced to work under the real Dragon.  This may be his way of showing himself as good as Rand, for himself or the Asha'man I'm not sure, but I always put it down for Arrogance and/or the nursing of a grudge.  Not really sure, but I'm pretty sure that it isn't to remind the Asha'man they work for the Dragon Reborn, more likely to aclaim himself with the Dragon Reborn and improve his authority. 


As for Gedwyn shaking his head, I'm not sure, I never noticed it before...  I should be cruising around that way soon, so I'll keep an eye open for anything it might indicate, but I have only guesses so far...


Anyway, just my rambling thoughts, sorry for the run on. 

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