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  1. We have reached the end of this long journey, and I can quite happily and honestly say that Brandon was the best choice to guide us down this final stretch. Though I greatly lament the death of RJ, I am comforted that through it such a wonderful artist was revealed, and perhaps even honed, to take us upon a new journey. Thank you Brandon, for all that you have done and continue to do. Kiserai ti Wansho, hei.
  2. Actually she never mentions the sigil, just that he has a right to the title of Lord: Knife of Dreams - Chapter 18: News for the Dragon
  3. A slight thought to add to this, the first thing that came to mind when I pictured Logain hearing voices was the same mad ramblings poor Rand was subject to. This may not be the case however. Rand heard the voice of Lewis Theron at the end of his life, when the Backlash had driven him completely and utterly insane, but Amalasan wouldn't have been nearly as mad at the time of his own death. So the voices Logain would hear may not be the maddened lunatic style we've grown to love and hate, but rather the sane(ish) musings from a man who shook the foundations of the world. Just changes th
  4. And so my WoT reading schedule is once again interrupted by an irresistible summons from the Mistborn franchise... Who else won't be getting any sleep tonight?
  5. Randland the magazine? I'd subscribe to that, produce it!
  6. Happy B-day Dragonmount! My love for this site is simple, it is the only place I can find people who are MORE into tWoT then myself. You people are what give these books fresh life every day; each new theory or RP adds and expands on that towering monolith in my life that is The Wheel of Time. I cannot visit Jordancon or Dragoncon, but through your eyes and ears I can pretend I am there and sharing a wonderful experience with fellow fans. Thanks to the diligence of the administration, as well as fans, I am kept up to date on all important WoT news in one wonderful location. T
  7. We need about 3,000 people to vote Perrin ASAP or he'll loose! We all know that the wolves would smell Perrin and sense him through their link rather then turning on them, prove these people wrong!
  8. I've seen the Asmodean one before, still makes me at least grin every time I see it. Thanks btw, I needed a chuckle after this last week
  9. @DWhittaker Yes! This is exactly what I have been telling my small circle whenever we talk about the upcoming movie. If the budget would be too small for quality studio props, make it an Anime and all is solved. Make the movie as well to be sure, but a side production of an Anime would be epic...
  10. Love this, it gives a glimpse I've never had of the Japanese WoT! Keep the fan art flowing!
  11. Ah! The dilemma! I positively love the designs, but I can't stand to wear tee-shirts... Perhaps as an enviable gift for a friend ...
  12. Just Bloody love them, another great addition to my WoT collection brought by Fan Art Friday. Especially loved the last scene of the Stages of Rand one ... My little WoT group is going to get a kick out of the WoT pod... All around kudos to RoseMuse and all the other wonderful WoT artists who are doing that which I can only envy.
  13. Wonderful! I hadn't seen the portrait of Bryn before, now I can show my doubting friends a better picture then the dubious one in the BWBwBA.
  14. Love the fan art idea, even added a couple new ones to my slideshow folder so keep it up, eh? Last one... Just lol, that's all that CAN be said...
  15. Bloody perfect, that's all I can say... It's all there, the fire, the flying chunks of metal, the memories of Hopper (I will not cry, I will not cry...), the dark (yes, if memory serves this was at night) and the inherent confusion of the scene. These covers just keep getting better and better... I almost shudder to think of what AMoL will look like...
  16. It does seem to detail my own thoughts rather nicely, and the direct references are quite useful. Thank you Terez, for a wonderful and well thought out summation indeed. Of particular interest was the comparison between Nakomi's and Egwene's initial meetings with Avi, I hadn't seen that before. Thinking of Verin tied to the Wheel is certainly better then imagining her caught in the DO's claws, though I think that possibility seems rather less likely then the scene occurring before Verin's death. May you find Water and Shade.
  17. I like this... Verin Sedai: Hero (perhaps even newly) bound to the wheel of time, spun out time and again to infiltrate the dark one's followers. A tad more on the unlikely side, but I could see it. I'll have to share this one with my local fan group. May you find Water and Shade.
  18. Because Lanfear was as strong as any woman could be without the aid of an angreal or sa'angreal. Well Alivia show her How wrong she was ?? Cyndane was weaker than Lanfear and Alivia had an amgreal. And yet, Cyndane managed to fry one of Alivia's arms. Cyndane was, if memory serves, using inverted weaves. So Alivia was much stronger, and had Cadsuane's anti-weave ter'angreal, but couldn't see what Cyndane was throwing at her. Cyndane was weaker, but able to counter all Alivia's weaves with no resistance, since Alivia couldn't see her counter-attacks. May you find
  19. Not meaning to dig up old bones here, but I didn't have time to come on yesterday, so... The WOs wouldn't necessarily have picked up on Verin bumbling around T'a'R. They only catch Egwene at it because she pops up right in the middle of Amys's hunt. The WO didn't know about Egwene's bumbling before then, had no knowledge of the Forsaken wandering around at first, and never once picked up on the Black Sisters (discounting the fight in the WT). Verin had no reason to be that interested in the Aiel during any trips into T'a'R with the ring, so there would have been no popping in to st
  20. Truth, that is possible. Perhaps I am looking at it too literally... Anyone know if this was discussed and concluded? Either way, the definite lack of any mention of Avi in the pov of her daughter does raise some questions. Now that I'm at home with my resources, here's the quote from tPoD prologue: '"Nothing that will harm you," Verin told her reassuringly. The woman might die inside the year, or in ten, as a result of this, but the weave itself would not harm her. "I promise you, this is safe enough to use on an infant." Of course, that depended on what you did with it'
  21. Personally, I don't get why everyone is so disappointed with this letter. Yes, it wasn't as grand as we expected, but there is a good reason for that. We tend to discuss and circulate everything here until it grows even bigger then it should be (see the obvious "who killed you-know-who"), no wonder our expectations grew so huge. Just think of it as another twist you never saw, a clever manipulation upon our poor, overly analytical minds. I rather like the idea of Mat seeing a different message when he reads it, makes one wonder if such a weave is known by Verin. It should be interestin
  22. If memory serves, there is mention (from Avi's pov I think) of her spending some time in TAR, but she needed help from one of the Wise Ones to get in, and it was mostly a "this is what it is like" experience than anything else.
  23. Why would Compulsion decrease Avi's lifespan? I'm referring to the rapid cooking of food, the sudden disappearance, the fact that Avi waits for a long time before going out to hunt for Nakomi. This is all strange. It could be explained by TAR - in that case, N is a very accomplished dreamer. "She" invaded Avi's dreams and pulled her gently into TAR while maintaining a complete sense of reality. N may not need a ter'angreal - good dreamers and channelers entering in the flesh, don't. It could also be explained by a gentle Compulsion that scrambled Avi's faculties slightly. The "she"
  24. I hadn't considered the passage of time due to compulsion, though I'm not sure Verin would do that knowing it would drastically decrease Avi's lifespan. On the other hand, it would answer why we have no mention of Avienda herself, even during her daughter's pov. The facts could fit for it, since she might be able to have Avi forget her departure, thus inducing the "disappearance". And it would leave the desired seeds in her, driving her to find the answer to the Aiel's future. As for her being in TaR, it could be, but she would have to have the original Dream Ter'angreal as the others
  25. If memory serves (and it may not here), the time line does state that Verin was sometime between leaving Mat and seeing Egwene. Besides, they said that Avi LEFT 20 days before, she's been traveling for some time now. So it's not too much of a stretch to assume that was one of Verin's stops.
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