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  1. We have reached the end of this long journey, and I can quite happily and honestly say that Brandon was the best choice to guide us down this final stretch. Though I greatly lament the death of RJ, I am comforted that through it such a wonderful artist was revealed, and perhaps even honed, to take us upon a new journey. Thank you Brandon, for all that you have done and continue to do. Kiserai ti Wansho, hei.
  2. Actually she never mentions the sigil, just that he has a right to the title of Lord: Knife of Dreams - Chapter 18: News for the Dragon
  3. A slight thought to add to this, the first thing that came to mind when I pictured Logain hearing voices was the same mad ramblings poor Rand was subject to. This may not be the case however. Rand heard the voice of Lewis Theron at the end of his life, when the Backlash had driven him completely and utterly insane, but Amalasan wouldn't have been nearly as mad at the time of his own death. So the voices Logain would hear may not be the maddened lunatic style we've grown to love and hate, but rather the sane(ish) musings from a man who shook the foundations of the world. Just changes th
  4. And so my WoT reading schedule is once again interrupted by an irresistible summons from the Mistborn franchise... Who else won't be getting any sleep tonight?
  5. Randland the magazine? I'd subscribe to that, produce it!
  6. We need about 3,000 people to vote Perrin ASAP or he'll loose! We all know that the wolves would smell Perrin and sense him through their link rather then turning on them, prove these people wrong!
  7. I've seen the Asmodean one before, still makes me at least grin every time I see it. Thanks btw, I needed a chuckle after this last week
  8. @DWhittaker Yes! This is exactly what I have been telling my small circle whenever we talk about the upcoming movie. If the budget would be too small for quality studio props, make it an Anime and all is solved. Make the movie as well to be sure, but a side production of an Anime would be epic...
  9. Love this, it gives a glimpse I've never had of the Japanese WoT! Keep the fan art flowing!
  10. Ah! The dilemma! I positively love the designs, but I can't stand to wear tee-shirts... Perhaps as an enviable gift for a friend ...
  11. Just Bloody love them, another great addition to my WoT collection brought by Fan Art Friday. Especially loved the last scene of the Stages of Rand one ... My little WoT group is going to get a kick out of the WoT pod... All around kudos to RoseMuse and all the other wonderful WoT artists who are doing that which I can only envy.
  12. Wonderful! I hadn't seen the portrait of Bryn before, now I can show my doubting friends a better picture then the dubious one in the BWBwBA.
  13. Love the fan art idea, even added a couple new ones to my slideshow folder so keep it up, eh? Last one... Just lol, that's all that CAN be said...
  14. Bloody perfect, that's all I can say... It's all there, the fire, the flying chunks of metal, the memories of Hopper (I will not cry, I will not cry...), the dark (yes, if memory serves this was at night) and the inherent confusion of the scene. These covers just keep getting better and better... I almost shudder to think of what AMoL will look like...
  15. It does seem to detail my own thoughts rather nicely, and the direct references are quite useful. Thank you Terez, for a wonderful and well thought out summation indeed. Of particular interest was the comparison between Nakomi's and Egwene's initial meetings with Avi, I hadn't seen that before. Thinking of Verin tied to the Wheel is certainly better then imagining her caught in the DO's claws, though I think that possibility seems rather less likely then the scene occurring before Verin's death. May you find Water and Shade.
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