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Sluggy Freelance is the Watchmen of webcomics


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No, I'm not saying it'll wind up on the Time's list of "100 Greatest Novels of the 21st Century."  But it's graduated from funny/silly/wacky comic strip through to a work of artistic genius, with full on emotional impact, terrific storytelling and brilliant artwork - the type of work that can make people reevaluate an entire genre, can show what the genre can be at its best.


Just a brief example.  Here's what Sluggy was at its inception:




That's the first comic in its history (Aug 1997) - funny, mediocre artwork, generic humor.


By two years later, the artwork was much better and the webcomic had graduated to long story arcs:


width=640 height=199http://sluggy.com/images/comics/990808b1.jpg[/img]



width=640 height=199http://sluggy.com/images/comics/990808b6.jpg[/img]


Now here's today (8/20), 11 years in:


width=403 height=480http://sluggy.com/images/comics/090820b.jpg[/img]


This is part of a story arc that's been pulling together hints and foreshadowing and themes that have been building up for - literally - years.  Beautiful artwork, and the storytelling is amazing.  And if you've been reading the comic for years, and know what's happening there, gut wrenching.


I'm literally in awe.


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So...You post a worship-thread to a webcomic, and does not include one little detail that just might be relevant?


I am of course talking about a so-called link ;D


Yes - the effort involved in finding it is part of proving your worthiness to read www.sluggy.com  ;D

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