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So I had a dream...


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last night.  I do not usually remember my dreams.  It might be a nightmare really.




So I am in the WSOP (World Series of Poker) and I am at the final table.  I think I was sitting there with Jennifer Tilly... a few other no faces and Y.  Yeah... somehow my wife is sitting at the table.  So I don't remember how... but I go out in forth place.  But the wife is still in it!!!  It turns out that the wife and Jennifer Tilly are the last two standing... which would be historic as no woman as ever won the main event.  Jennifer Tilly goes all in with A-J and the wife calls with 7-7... so basically a coin flip.  I think the flop comes 8-8-10... then another 8 on the turn and 5 on the river or something.  So Y gets a main event bracelet.  In the dream I was at first excited for her... then remember thinking "WTF! I could have so won that over her".  Right before I woke up I remember that I won $723,000.



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