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Maybe this thread is more for the debates board, since the background is a serious as you can get - the current Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon war.


But I was searching for some Lebanese POVs on the issue and came accross the Lebanese Bloggers Forum at



If any of you are into reading blogs, or interested in the current conflict, I suggest you check these out - the voices are from all sides of the issue, all parts of the spectrum, and they are mostly damn well written.


After reading them, I couldn't help but spread the word a bit.

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Idk im just a noob but i suspect itll be moved or merged...


Nonetheless i guess this shows a good scource to the other side, that we find hard to find in the news. Ill read it in the morning for sure. I dont quite know where i stand on this war yet, and pray it wont escalate, because with all ive heard it could go boom in an instant (in comparison to right now is just a gunshot)

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