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Rand & Tel'aran'rhiod

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If this subject has been discussed, I apologize and would appreciate a reference or link.  I'm working through a re-read, and I know its not too crital to the story but I'm wondering how Rand gets to or ends up in TAR during his trip to the Stone in TDR.  I've seen a few threads that argue he's not a dreamer.  We can fairly assume that at this point in his development, he's not able to create gateways and enter TAR in the flesh.


I believe Chapt 27, "Tel'aran'rhiod" is our first real view of Rand in TAR.  This is when Egwene, trying out her new ring, runs in to Rand who's sitting by a camp fire.  He thinks she's another temptation, sent to kill him from the "Father of Lies".  How did / does he get there?  Does he dream himself there?  Is he being pulled into TAR by Ba'alzamon or Lanfear or one of the other FS. 


Also, since I'm on that chapt, Rand says that he'd seen and was tempted by assassins sent in the form of his Father, his Mother and "She who tempted him with kisses".  Not Egwene.  Who was She?


<The things you pick up during re-reads - sheesh>

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I don't think RJ told us how Rand got into TAR, at this specific moment in the book, the reader just runs into him from another characters point of view.  Perrin also encounters him in a similar manner, during rands flight towards the Stone of Tear, and has an equally if not more violent encounter with Rand. 


From what I remember Baalzamon and Lanfear entered Rands dreams and never pulled him into TAR.  That is how I interpreted those moments from my reading.  I think Egwene and Perrin, being both green dream walkers, entered the dreams of Rand, while he was fighting one of the Forsaken dream creations.  They more then likely entered because he was a close friend and where drawn into Rands dreams, or because something or somebody was manipulating them into the dream itself.


If that's not the case then Rand being in TAR and encountering two of the stories dream walkers is interesting indeed.

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