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Returning WT Character - Serena Morrigan - no CC needed


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Basic Information

Handle : SerenaMorrigan

Name: Serena Morrigan

Character Count: (For this Division) 2


One Power Score:

Air~4 Earth~4 Fire~3 Spirit~6 Water~8

Strength~26 Skill~38+1 Potency~64+1

Ajah: Blue

Age: 185

Place of Birth: Maradon, Saldaea

Physical Description: Serena stands at about 5'2" tall. She has raven black hair that is cut into a pixie cut (very short and tousled). Emerald almond shaped eyes often contain a spark of mischief behind them when she is up to something. The small Saldaean is quite voluptuous, but she carries it all quite well as an Aes Sedai. As a Sister, she commonly wears a long royal blue coat that buttons up the front, and fits quite snugly over her chest. Over her heart is the flame of Tar Valon, embroidered in white, and surrounded by Blue. Her breeches are black and fitted, and her boots are black leather, and lace to her knee.


History (pre White Tower):


Serena shook her head. This was definately the last time she wanted to have to prove to the filthy swine of men looking up from their fusty cups full of malted ales and fermented wines. She definately knew the forbidden dance of Saldaea. There was no way she was going to risk being kicked out of another inn, especially because some wealthy drunken men wanted her to perform the forbidden sa'soura. A man adorned in silken shirts stained with old liquor moved to approach her. His leather shoes, [i/]Man Slippers, as Serena called them, stuck to some dried honey from the floorboards of the inn, she noticed the gaping glances of the other patrons, as he fell with a loud thump. "Honestly, people there is nothing here to gape at! Haven't you seen another man taken down by his own arrogant drunkeness?" With a flourish of her hand the delicate fan she had be using, disappeared up one of her sleaves. More passers-by dropped their mouths in expressionless wonder at the little trick she pulled.


Since Serena had decided to pick up and leave Saldaea, since she had nothing left there anyways, her life seemed to become more and more curious. Living so close to the Blight was something Saldaeans were supposed to be used to, but losing your whole family wasn't something that happened every day. It was true, she had been prepared each day to fight against the Trollocs, she had also been through many fueds between noble families. But now? Her name meant nothing. With the Dragons Fang painted on her door, the Trollocs raided within days. So what? Who cares if she wasn't the easiest kid to get along with. So what if she was only 15 and another woman of twice her age had already tried to shave her head for approaching the other woman's chosen male.


Serena recovered the blue silken fan embroidered with silver. Her mother had given this to her just days before they were all chaotically murdered. "Myrdrall.."She mumbled.


From the table over a woman in Green and blue silken skirts peered at Serena over her tea-cup. Steam rising and curling above her dark eyes. There was something about her face that seemed odd and slightly serene, it caught Serena's attention quickly. Without futher notice, the rustling of skirts became adamant and soft slippered shoes approached Serena.


"Girl, I was watching your quick motions with your fans. I would have to be a fool to not see that you  may be capable of manouvering more than one and your skill is quite good. There was something about your concentration that sparked my interest. Other than the fact that you are quite young and seem to be out traveling on your own. Do not think I have not noticed." With that the woman stood up and motioned for Serena to follow her. Suppressing a gulp, she picked up her things and followed the woman. I would have to be a fool to not know this woman for Aes Sedai. Burn me! What can I do but follow her! With a whispered oath she followed close behind.


In a small nook built into the hallway of the inn, the Aes Sedai motioned for Serena to sit, and pulled a curtain. Proudly taking a seat across from the girl the woman spoke," Child, I have a notion you recognize me for who, or shall I say, 'what' I am." The woman quickly introduced herself and mentioned something about warding the tiny place off. Something about 'even wolves have ears'.




And so it was, that Serena Morrigan was enlisted in the White Tower as a Novice. Once she started her training under Arette Sedai, and learned to read, she began to take well to the rules and regulations of the White Tower. At least, somewhat. The Saldaean novice was mischievous and often invoked punishments of the Mistress of Novices. She became quick friends with Eadon and Kirayn Ashadar. The seductive grasp of the One Power held onto Serena like nothing she had ever experienced. It was the thrill she had always been looking for, which caused her Mentor great concern as to whether she would draw on too much of it or not. Within a few years of chores and classes, Serena passed through her arches to Acceptedhood




Most girls committed their crimes in Novicehood, but not this one. As Serena progressed in her studies, she became more aware of the men in the White Tower. Since she had been raised to the banded hems of the Accepteds dress, she was allowed to train in the Yards, and that meant men! Quickly, she became attuned to throwing knives, and manipulated her nimble fingers as she had once with her fans. When she would be raised to the Shawl, she vowed that she would carry atleast five on her at all times. The feisty Saldaean Accepted kept her eye on the Trainees, and enjoyed to watch them train. With in no time at all, she would find her at one of their secret parties at an inn. Serena was not one to do things in a mediocre manner, and when she had her mind set to something, she jumped into it head first. In a few hours, she would find herself dancing the sa'sara, then wrapped in the arms of a certain Ren'Shai.




Aes Sedai:

Upon being Raised to the Shawl, Serena chose the Blue Ajah, although she had been battling with choosing the Green, her love for a Cause and Justice was far beyond anything she could quelch with devoting herself to the Last Battle. Her Raising came and went and within months she was Bonded to the Ren'Shai Tower Guard. Their love was fierce and passionate. However, it did not last long. His devotion to her caused his demise, and he died in battle while defending her. The pain his death caused her, was like nothing she had ever felt, and began her journey inwards to isolation. The Blue fought by Sirayn Simeones' side at Dumai's Wells, and found herself intrigued by the young men channeling the One Power, and the fierceness of which they used it. A young man, by the name of Darius fell during the battle, and she could not bare to watch him bleed. She did the unthinkable, and Healed him.


Serena was captured and held by the Wise One's of the Aiel, in the camp of the Dragon Reborn. She would send encoded letters to Sirayn Sedai, and inform her of the men that could channel the One Power. The Blues devotion to the diminutive Green would lead Serena to swear a powerful Oath to the woman, and become the second to be involved in the Order of the Rose.


During this time, and after having part of her die with her first Warder, Serena fell in love for the second time. Thera Trakelyn became the object of her affection, and the two eventually bonded. If the Blue had thought she had known love with her Ren'shai, she had completely missed the mark. The love she had for her beautiful Gaidar was pure and strong. She loved her so much, she did not want the other woman to fall to the same fate as her first Warder, and began to distance herself from Thera. Deeply, she yearned for the woman, but a rift formed between the two that did not seem it would ever mend.


Upon a trip to Aridhol, chasing down a male channeler, Serena was injured, and Healed by Rasputin. Her disgust for the Shadow engulfed her, and she blamed her Gaidar for ever letting the man set hands on her. The chasm between the couple, expanded.


Serena was devoted to the Blue Ajah, and her Causes. Yes, she pledge her Oath to Sirayn Sedai, but so did an Ajah Sister of hers. Estel Liones became a true little sister to Serena. The Saldaean Blue had taken an interest in the fiery Domani while she was an Accepted and had been ecstatic that the woman had been led to the Blue Ajah. She had not realized, however, that part of her duty to the Order of the Rose, was to babysit the Domani when she became mentally disturbed by the death of Orion. Beneath Serena's stern hand and watchful eye, was compassion for her little Sister.


Following Sirayns orders like a well trained dog, Serena jumped at the chance to Watch the men at the Black Tower, and was later captured and bonded against her will. Although she held her own, and was used as a guinea pig to help test objects of the One Power, she secretly revelled in the knowledge she was recieving about male channellers. Unlike others, she had been bonded by someone semi-chivalrous. Arath Faringal opened her eyes to the disease of the Taint on saidin, and her compassion and anger were fueled. She did not experience the abuse that others had, only severe headaches and interesting conversation.


As the bond was released, the Saldaean Blue retreated to the Borderlands to rethink her life, and became involved in politics. While chasing a Dark Friend into the Blight, she came upon a man in the colour shifting cloak of the Gaidin. He had lost his Sedai, and was on a suicidal rampage to avenge her death. Thinking she was strong enough to handle his insanity, Serena bonded him against his will to save him; but it did not last and she could not help him.


Disgusted, destroyed, burned from the inside out...


...it is in this state that the Blue Ajah got their Sister back.

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