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Approved WK Bio for Burrich Fallstar (Update Only)


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Character Name:  Burrich Fallstar


Email address:  green625@gmail.com


Age:  18


Hair:  He has “dirty-blond” curly hair that is more often called shaggy, and a thick beard.


Eyes before change:  Blue


Height:  6’ 11 ½ ”


Build:  He has a very large, very heavy frame with very little fat, just thick bones and large muscles.


Place of Birth:  Grew up on a small farm a day’s hard riding from the city of Illian.


Family:  Unacknowledged son of a member of the Council of Nine, his father had an above average height for an Illianer.  His mother, a woman from the borderlands, was a former cook that had an affair with her lord.  He set her up on a farm and occasionally brought money and other necessities to ensure that they were provided for.  His father loved them both, visiting whenever he could sneak away, but because of his marriage and station in life could not reveal that love to others.


Personality:  Wary of strangers and takes awhile to open up to people.  Once he does he is fiercely loyal to them.  Doesn’t speak much but has a carefree attitude and is almost always smiling.  Very self-conscious of his size and imagines everyone being terrified of him (though mostly it has proven to be true so he has good reason for thinking this).




Character History: 


His mother died of fever when he was ten so he decided to head into the city and seek his father.  His father told him that no matter how much he may care for him he could not be acknowledged as his son.  Instead, his father got him a position as a page for the Companions, running errands and the like.


He was quickly accepted by the whole company as either surrogate son or little brother, and the commander seemed to take an even more personal interest in him as he had just lost a son Burrich’s age to a wasting fever the summer before.  He traveled with them wherever they went and was trained by them in horsemanship and wilderness survival.  They tried to teach him the sword as well but it soon became apparent that he fought like a berserker, losing all control the moment a fight started.  Because of this they said the sword would be more of a hindrance than a help to him and that he was better suited to the axe.  Unfortunately, none of them had enough experience with an axe to show him anything more than rudimentary skills.


One time, when he was eighteen, they were out on patrol and made camp somewhere on the Plains of Moredo.  That night he dreamed of the wolves for the first time.  In three separate dreams they came to him.  He dreamed that he was back on the farm with his mother but instead of a herd of sheep they had a pack of wolves.  Then he dreamed he was a captain in the Companions but when he was addressing his troops he saw that they were all wolves.  The third dream was the strangest of all, for there he dreamed that he was running across the plains and forests with a whole pack of wolves, only as he looked closer he noticed that some of the wolves looked like men.  He woke in a cold sweat from that dream when he started eating the deer the pack had killed without cooking it first.  The next morning the commander noticed that the Burrich’s eyes had a yellowish tint to them and questioned him about it.  Burrich then shared the dreams he’d had and expressed his fears to his surrogate father.


These were the first clues he had that something was different about him.  He stayed with the companions for a few more months and noticed that his senses were growing sharper.  He could now see further and clearer than the others, and his hearing and sense of smell were also improved.  He found he could hear whispered conversations across the camp and started identifying people by their scent.  And the dreams continued as well.  Almost every night the wolves were in his dreams.  Sometimes it was a dream of him running with the wolves and sometimes a “regular” dream but with wolves at his side.


Finally, as his eyes lost their bluish tint altogether and stayed a constant golden color, the commander drew him aside and cautioned him that some of the men were starting to fear him.  He gave him the gifts he had planned to give his own son when he was old enough to leave home.  These gifts included a large battleaxe, two smaller axes suitable for fighting and/or throwing, a bow, a quiver of arrows, and a horse.  The commander then told him to leave the camp before he was set upon by the others.


The first night on his own he dreamed again of the wolves but this time they seemed to speak to him.  He wasn’t sure how they could speak or how he could hear them but he sensed them saying, “Wait here Mountain’s Fury.  We are coming for you.”  He thought that he should be scared hearing wolves speak to him in his dreams but all he felt was peace.  Well, Mountain Fury is the closest he could come to putting the name they gave him into words.  It was really more a picture of a volcano bubbling under the surface and about to erupt.  He felt it was fitting, as ninety-five percent of the time he was calm, but when he lost control it was as devastating to those around him as a volcano would be.


He stayed there for several days waiting as they had instructed.  Several times he thought about leaving but his curiosity made him stay.  During this time he often saw shapes moving just out of his sight that he was almost sure were wolves.  Also during this time his sleeping patterns began to change and he started becoming more and more nocturnal.  Then one morning, as he was getting ready to sleep, he saw someone coming toward him.  The sun was rising in front of him so he couldn’t make out much of who this person was but as he saw the golden eyes catch his he knew his life was about to change.






Eyota found him, explained the howling and all the changes he was experiencing and led him to the Stedding.  Along the way he met “He who hunts as silently as a storm gathers but is altogether more dangerous”, the largest wolf he’d ever seen.  Storm Hunter decided that Burrich needed his help coming to terms with his enormous size and gaining confidence in himself rather than fearing that he’d accidentally hurt those around him.  Storm Hunter was like the big brother Burrich never had. If he thought a little pain was in order to set Burrich on the right path he'd do it, and not think twice.


After his arrival at the Stedding he found a job at the Hole in the Wall Inn and began training under his mentor John Dunbar.  A few months later, with his initial training complete he requested and received permission to begin training with the Rangers.  He was nearing the end of his time as a Guardian, and close to becoming a full Ranger, when his life took another unexpected turn.




Word came through the Watchers’ network that his father had died and that Burrich had been mentioned and acknowledged by him on his deathbed.  Burrich traveled to Illian and watched the state funeral from a distance before finding the commander of the Companions, the man who had practically raised him.  With his help Burrich was able to keep his presence in the city a secret and meet his younger brother.


Despite being acknowledged as his father’s heir, Burrich assured his brother that he had no intention of becoming a noble or serving on the Council of Nine as their father had.  Burrich stayed long enough to ensure that his brother was mature enough to handle the responsibility thrust upon him and humble enough to accept the guidance of his own former mentor.  Then he made his way back to the Stedding, anxious to continue his training and finally beginning serving as a Ranger, a protector of his new-found family.

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