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How do you keep up with all the WOT characters???


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I tried to start a chart of all thw WOT characters, but soon gave up. There are just too many and they all seem to come back just as you think it is okay to forget about them. This presents a difficulty in that the books are a lot longer read, which i dont necessarily mind but find it annoying. Does anyone have a way to keep all the characters straight? If so post it on this topic or send it to okstate91@hotmail.com

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It's a handy little tool I like to call:




This website has a list of every character mentioned in the books. Yes, EVERY character. What they do, what they look like, where they were, everything you'll ever need to know.


It also has handy chapter summaries with a VERY full list of notes on each chapter making connections to other chapters of what the characters are doing, what certain objects are, all the theories you'll ever need to know, all the facts you may not of caught, and basically all the information you'll ever need.


It also has a full list of dreams, prophecies, and viewings. A list of the organizations in the world, a break down of how the time works in the novels with things like "When exactly did the War of a Hundred Years take place?"


Basically it's WoT cliff notes. So take a look there.

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