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  1. Rahvin. That guy had the ladies in line.. haha just kidding
  2. I started about 13, on reread 2 and am now 15. other favorite authors are David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, David Drake, Tolkein, and Robert Asprin. Eddings got me started on fantasy, Asprin was second, then i read the Hobbit and cried at the end. Readin fantasy ever since
  3. This should be called the 'longest off topic post' contest
  4. what part will the traveling people take in the last battle?
  5. sometimes ill think of a way that i would handle a certain scenario, then when i come back to re-read the books thats how i remember it. kind of annoying really
  6. My Theory: Rand isnt just a reincarnation of LTT, he is his own person, because there would be no fighting over control of the power/body between rands consciousness and LTTs. It is like two souls stuffed into the same body, because LTT already 'failed' the world once (in this i mean he didnt completely destroy the DO.) So they gave Rand all of LTTs abilities and Ltt's soul to give him knowledge but he will be making the actual decisions, in hope that this time Rand will destroy the DO, so they dont have to go through all this crap again.
  7. i dont think what mat has is neccesarily a skill, just a result of blowing the horn of valere. unless u mean the dice, in which case i have no idea
  8. so whats the story, and what is your theory on these two...
  9. quote: (except for the fact that Egwene is unusually strong in Earth, and able to manufacture Heartstone - quite the Talent, that...then again, Elayen has her Talents as well). - Oregon its probably like that with mat and perrin. mats got his dice thing that he's cool with and perrin is rockin his wolves.
  10. i just read the very first post on this thread again, and were off topic lol
  11. hilarious nevare. but i would be too lazy to type all the defs after the words lol
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