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Approved NSW Head Watcher WK Bio for Karoan Vear (Info Only)


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Character Name: Karoan Vear (Kah-rone Veer)


Age: 36


Gender: Male


Place of Birth/Raising:  New Braem, Andor



Physical Description:  6ft 2in. well muscled but not heavy, he has dark shaggy hair that falls in tight curls over his shoulders. He has taken to fastening it at the nape of his neck with a piece of leather set with bone, carved with wolves and mountains. His eyes before the Howling were a soft blue, his features matching. In the years since, his face has lost the roundness of youth and taken on a lean, rugged look. His age shows in the fine creases of his skin and the streaks of silver in his curls. He has a Fatherly look about him most times that people find friendly and honest.


Character History:


Karoan grew up in New Braem with his mother and father and two younger brothers. His mother stayed at home while his father worked with the town guard, taking shifts at night guarding the walls or keeping the peace by day. His younger days were spent playing in the streets or hills around town with his brother. As boys tend to do, they emulated their father. Using sticks for swords they would run about, taking turns being the Darkfriend and the town guards. His younger brothers were close to him in age only one and two years younger than himself. They lived a fairly uneventful life, playing and having fun. Playing in the mud and bringing frogs home, much to their mother's dismay.


In the awkwardness of early adolescence, relationships with women and parents alike proved rocky for Karoan. This held true for his brothers as well; however it was made more difficult by the sudden onset of strange occurrences. Karoan had instances of random images, weird smells and strange dreams that frightened him and alienated him further.


It started with the dreams. He would wake in the night, his heart racing from dreams of being a wolf, of running with other wolves. After the first few times he mentioned it to his parents. Despite his insistence that these were not ordinary dreams, that they were more vivid and real, his parents put them off as simple nightmares. After this, Karoan was afraid to be told that these odd happenings were purely his imagination. What if he was going crazy? Keeping these worries to himself, even from his brothers, left him more, and more withdrawn.


His parents expressed concern at his withdrawn behavior and frequently asked him what was wrong. Karoan did not know what was happening, he was almost certain he was losing his mind and smells had come more frequently. One night after a particularly vivid dream he awoke with a start. Splashing water on his face from the washbasin he froze, catching his reflection in the mirror. Eyes of burnished gold looked out at him from his face. He squeezed his eyes shut, uttering a prayer. He had to be dreaming. Opening them again he was horrified to see the same. What was happening to him? Was he sick?


Karoan stayed awake the remainder of the night, worrying about what was wrong with him. He stayed in his room the next morning, refusing to come out for breakfast despite his mother's pleas. His father woke around midday, having watched the walls the night previous, and anxiously demanded to know what was wrong. When Karoan would not give him an answer, he burst through the door to find his son sitting on his bed. Karoan had his eyes turned from his father and kept them hidden. His father pressed him and he told him everything, the images in his head, the smells, the dreams and finally his eyes. His father stood silent for some time before simply walking out of the room. Shortly after word got around town. People murmured and rumors started of Karoan and his sickness. A Wisdom came to look at him and told his parents he was healthy much to their puzzlement. his family avoided his eyes and their fear hung thick in the air.


Rumors flew. Karoan must be a Darkfriend, no he was the Dark One himself reborn. He snuck out at night and stole babies to feast on their blood; no he turned into a beast at night. His father was not fit to guard the town with such a son, he should be removed. his father when approached, although afraid, defended his son. Despite his fear he knew that some of the rumors were plain outrageous. His son did not drink the blood of babies! Eventually he lost his position as a town guard and the family was looked on as Darkfriends themselves. The Dragon's Fang was scrawled on their door and Karoan's Father could not find a employment anywhere in town. Luckily the bankers would still do business.


One night Karoan awoke to confusion. Shouting and crashes in his home, lit by a deadly flickering orange light. Smoke filled the room and the door was ablaze. Desperately he shouted for help and scrambled out his window, climbing down the drain to the ground floor below. The house was ablaze and townsfolk with clubs, pitchforks, axes and such came around the corner. One woman pointed to him, his eyes glowing in the blaze, and screamed. The mob advanced and he turned and ran. He was chased from the town, barely escaping with his life. Lost and alone he wandered in the woods north of the Mountains of Mist, knowing that returning to New Braem meant certain death. He worried for his family, wondering if they had survived.


Attempting to cross the Mountains of Mist, and getting lost doing so, he was found by a Tracker and brought to the Stedding. After proceeding through his training he was chosen as a Watcher. Taking the freedom he was given he cautiously approached the area around New Braem and found that his family had all been killed that night. His father had died defending the home and his two brothers had perished in the flames, attempting to save their mother's life. He performed as Watcher for the area until he became Head Watcher where he has helped the Stedding, his new home, in functioning with the outside world.

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