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Hello Dragonmount!


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Hi! I picked up the Wheel of Time books as I tried to find one of my favorite authors at the Library. It looked interested so I picked up the First three books. They were amazing, as you all know. I finished them really fast and was hooked so I went looked up Robert Jordan for his site and I found a link to here on there, so voila here I am!


So far I have finished the first 4 books and am almost halfway through the fifth. I love RP'ing and have quite a bit of experience from RP'ing with some friends over the Heralds of Valdemar sieries by Mercedes Lackey (great reads there check it out!) So nice to meet you all!




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Well its always nice to see a new face here.

Please try some of my blue berry muffins

*hands a golden tray stuffed with blue berry muffins*

Blue ajah speciality



Welcome welcom to dm

the place of RJ and the WoT series, where u can become and Aes Sedai, a warder, ogier, soldier, or just a plum crazy full walking the streets.


I should save that. :idea:

any who nice to have u on deck.

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Guest Egwene

Hello ArchFate... glad you found us :)


As Zardi pointed out, you will see spoilers if you look in on the book discussions. If you are desperate to discuss something from the books without getting those, post a new topic there (try and avoid looking at the other topic headers though). State in the topic header up to which books you want to discuss and ask for 'no spoilers please'. Than bookmark that thread.


The rest of the forum should be pretty safe. Recommend Fiddlesticks as a good way to get posting on here. Just a fun board to hang out and chill.


There is some info in the first thread of this board reference RP... need any help, send a PM to Sirayn. She'll be able to answer any questions.



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Already tainted by the blueberry muffins of the Sedai...

*puts the TQ, chili and Jaager bombs sadly back in the Wolfkin recruitment box*


So much promise... Ohh the cheerleaders.. The wicked cool eyes.. All for not..

Missing out Arch.




Just nice to have a breather right now.. They're bringing out the Torture Tree again.. *sigh* Alright, back to it I guess :wink: Later guys,

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Atta boy.


Jaager Bombs for everybody!

*sips his TQ, monacle adjusted*

Hmmm yes. 8 am. Good way to start my day.


Alright, I've done all the corrupting I can. You know where we wolfies will be.


*howls at the moon and fades into the bloody early morning*



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