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Approved WY Bio for Lone Revicana - WK CC'd


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Name: Lone Revicana

Place of Origin: Kandor, near the Plain of Lances

Hair: Shoulder length Dark Brown

Eyes: Gray-Blue

Height: 6'0

Weight: 195 lbs

Age: 21



Born of Salvin and Venda Revicana of Chachin. They met when Salvin returned from exploring the world. They fell in love on sight and were soon married. Venda's family disowned her for marrying below her station for she was a close cousin of the current Queen of Kandor. That gave her and Salvin the perfect reason to move to a small town near the Saldaea border in the Plain of Lances. There they started an inn and had a child, Lone Revicana


Lone had cheerful childhood. Very few Trolloc raids reached the town if ever, crime was almost non-existent, and Lone had many friends. His father taught what he had learned in his travels and at the age 11, he began taking him hunting, teaching him to use the bow and to track. His mother taught him court etiquette, to dance, and the noble workings of the Borderland countries. Lone helped run the inn. At first, he would help his father assign rooms, take payment, and show people to their rooms. Later, he helped with repairs and caring for horses.


It was in his 15th year that an Aes Sedai and her Warder arrived for a stay at the inn. While most were amazed with the Aes Sedai, Lone was more interested in the Warder. He had always dreamed of being a hero; protect his loved and his beloved Kandor. Becoming a Warder seemed to be the way to acquire the skills necessary. It was from that day forward that he trained for even a chance to become a Warder, asking any soldiers and warriors for whatever tips they could give him, exercising daily, and practicing his archery. He found that he favored the traditional Kandori style of battle, dual short swords. For his 18th birthday, his parents bought a pair of finely crafted Kandori short swords with curved, double-edged blades that he wore strapped to his back, as was the Kandori way.


Finally, at the age of 21, he told his parents he was leaving for the White Tower. They at first tried to make him stay, not wanting to lose their only child, but he was so determined that they give in and let him leave with their best wishes. Giving them one last hug good-bye, Lone rode out on Sentell, his midnight black stallion and started south for the Tar Valon and his future...

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