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hi all


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Guest Egwene

Hi Harad, welcome to DM :)


Hey, did you watch the football? What a nerve racking penalty shoot out that was!! Anyway, nice to see yet another person from the UK joining... we are getting quite strong on here 8)


You'll find most of the info you need if you want to join the RP side in the announcement thread at the top. Need any more, shout.


Have a look around the rest of the forum as well though.. lots of fun as well as more serious debates etc.

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Guest Egwene

Didn't see the game itself either... came in for the last bit of extra time and the penalties. I just find it so unfair, that the game is played good or bad by the team as a whole and than you get a few guys and a goalkeeper on whom the win or loose responsibility is deposited..

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