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WoT First Time Read -= Eye Of The World =- Discussion Thread


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WARNING: This thread is for discussion of the entire Eye Of The World book. If you have not finnished it, please be careful as there might be spoilers below.


When I first started reading Eye Of The World a while back, I was confused (there are ALOT of characters and names) and wanted a place to discuss my questions and such. However, everywhere I went had either a breakdown of the entire book series, or timelines that (even though they said they were for EOTW) included information from other books (which I accidently read something and am pretty upset that I found it out).


So, I would like to make this thread for people who have ONLY read Eye Of The World. Here you can discuss anything about EOTW, and ONLY EOTW.


I just finnished it yesterday and am now working on The Great Hunt, which is why I am only making a thread for the first book. Once I finnish TGH I will make another thread (if someone doesn't beat me to it) that will be for discussion of books 1 & 2. This way, those who haven't read certian books, can have a place to discuss what they HAVE read, without fear of accidently coming across any spolers.


Note To Mods: I know I am new here, and so asking for this probably looks bad. But if you would be so kind as to remove any posts (or parts of posts) that have to do with books beyond the intention of this thread? Thank You.

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Guest Majsju

I think you might find little interest in this thread, as most people here have read all published books, and might find it a bit too much trouble to have to constantly think of when every little detail was mentioned, just to avoid accidenmtly mentioning spoilers.

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