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Dumb Question- Signatures?


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As I am lacking in the photoshop department...


then I guess just my username and whatever ajah I end up, along with the wolfkin thing...

Nothing special. Why?

If I end up buying photoshop or whatver, then I could do one myself. But, sadly, all I have is Windows Paint. Lol. :D

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If you want to make one for yourself, you could download The GIMP, which is free and does almost anything that Photoshop can do. I'm not sure if it does animations or not, but if not, I'm sure you can find some free software does.


I'd be willing to try making one for you, if you want. I can't guarantee you'll like my style, but I do enjoy messing around with graphics. :?

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Where would I get the GIMP? It would be cool to see what you'd do, though. I'm not saying you should invest any time and effort on me (really, I'm not worth it, lol) :) but if you have a spare 20 mins it would be neat to see what you come up with. By no means lose any sleep over me. Thanks! 8)

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You can download The GIMP here. If you are familiar with Photoshop or PaintShop Pro or any of those, then you'll find that GIMP works much the same way. If you aren't, there are online tutorials to help you out (LiveJournal has a lot of them, but I'm sure you could Google plenty of things as well).:) But anyway, I'll work on it a bit tomorrow and see if I can come up with anything you like.

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