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Approved WK Bio - CC'd by FL Woof woof!


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Character Name: Dania Cadaway


Email address: historychick44@msn.com (on DM it is departuresandarrivalschick.hotmail.com)


Division: Wolfkin


Physical Description: Dania is 17 years old and is very small for her age(5'0). She has a soft, innocent looking face and still looks very much like a child. She has shoulder length firey hair that she wears back most of the time and striking green eyes or at least she used to have green eyes. About a year ago her eyes started to change to a glowing golden color. At first her mother thought she was sick but when she realized that Dania wasn't she left her alone. Her mother used to tell her that if you traced their history back far enough, there was an Aiel in the family(Which is true, if you traced her family back far enough you would).


Place of Birth/Raising: A farm to the east of Cairhein. They are one of the few families left in that area. After the Aeil war most of the neighbours left.


Character History: Dania was the only daughter in her family of five. There were her parents and her two older brothers, Tom and Luc. They lived an isolated life, away from most others. It was a quiet life, but Dania worked hard most days. Like most girls Dania was taught how to run a house and also did some chores. But Dania truely enjoyed spending time outside, whenever she had the chance she ran through the wild. But that quiet did not last long.


It was such a beautiful night out so Dania had told her mother that she was going for a walk. She had walked through the feilds and small clumps of tree just listening to the birds and the nature all around her. She could feel them out there. The wolves. Since the area was so sparsly populated she could always feel them. It had all started last year. Soon after she had turned 16 she noticed a change. There was something more to the feilds and forests that she knew so well. Her eyesight improves and so did her hearing. She could remember they first time one of them made contact with her. It was not long ago. The wolf had called herself Moonshadow, or at least that was what Dania had gathered from it. But it had not lasted long and had not come again since. Dania soon snaped out of her memories and she realized that it was time to return

home. As she turned to start heading back a scream pireced the night air. It came from the direction of her house.Dania ran as fast as she could but she did not reach her home in time. Her family was gone, her home was in flames. Her mind raced but came to no answers and then with an almost silent cry Dania fell to the ground, tears wetting her cheeks.


In the morning she packed up those things she could salvage and headed off into the wilderness. She did not know where she was going but the wild was her place of calm and that was what she needed right now.


(It was bandits that killed her family but she does not know that yet.)

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Funky, cool to see a Wolfy bio :D cc'd.


Also, its good to see this player thought about location a fair bit. Good on ya Dania for picking that eastern Cairhien would be fairly ravaged and sparsely populated after the Aiel War :) Plus Cairhienin chars are cool.

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