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Approved WK Bio for Thelsier Rhunan - CC'd by Warders


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Character Name: Thelsier Rhunan

DM Handle: JainFarstrider


Age: 19

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Illian


Physical Description: Wavy black hair of shoulder length, with early streaks of gray. Large eyes start as brown and thick eyebrows. 5’11’’ athletic build, with broader than average shoulders, square face with fair complexion, thin lips, and a short unkempt beard.



Character History:



The ropes chaffed on his wrists, as Thelsier tried to work the blood into his hands. It was dark outside, and he would need rest for the days to come, but sleep came fitfully, if the pain in his arms did not keep him awake, the dryness of his throat or the rumbling of his stomach did the job. He was still shocked to find himself in this predicament, and was hoping that he would be able to find a way out of it. When his thoughts began to drift, and he fell into a restless fitful dream.



It was several years ago, when he had first started having strange dreams of running through the forest, the thrill of the chase, and the joy when he sank his teeth into the neck of his prey. He tried to ignore them, he was a merchant’s son, and he had duties to take care of. Though, he never much cared for this life, the lie of it all really ate at him, everyone that lived in wealth, or at least pretended to, wore a mask for the world. Showing other people what they thought the people wanted to see, hiding everything that was them under a layer of lace. It bothered him, he always felt compelled to say what he meant, and not hide it behind gilded words. His parents would scold him for that, they had their masks and were happy wearing them. His father would pretend that his trips were for the business, that he was trying to extend his market and in turn his wealth. While his mother went along with it, acting as if all she did was wait for him to come back to her. It was enough to make Thelsier sick. So, he spent most of his time working with their servants, loading or unloading various wagons. It was easy to get lost in the monotony of the work. The other workers would laugh and joke, seeing him for who he was, and not something he had to pretend to be. He was grateful for that, and enjoyed talking with them. Lately though, he would find that he would be carrying a conversation when no one was there, even though he felt as if he were right next to someone. He would sometimes be interrupted by stray nature images or feelings that he had not thought were in him before. The other servants would joke about it with him, but did not seem to be bothered with it, they had mentioned that they thought anyone that associated with nobles had a brain full of wool anyway. The images and feeling got stronger in the coming years, and he noticed other things too, he could see better in the dark with his now golden eyes. His parents noticed nothing of his condition, but Thelsier thought he must be getting sick, even the servants had started to say something to him. He thought maybe he would take a few days outside the city, thinking that his body was trying to tell him something with all the images of the open plains and the green forests.



He took one of the horses from the stables, stuffed the saddlebags full of supplies, not sure of what he would be needing, because he had not been out of the city for as long as he could remember. He had traveled for a day or so, going where the wind would take him, when he stumbled upon a small camp with three men. They looked at him with surprise and interest, but invited him to sit by their fire and share their meal. Thelsier liked the men, they seemed to be open about themselves with nothing to hide. When they were still cooking the food, Thelsier went to grab something from his horse, when he heard a twig snap behind him, turning in confusion he came face to face with the youngest of the men in the middle of the downward swing of a heavy looking club.



He knew it was a dream, but he didn’t want to leave, he felt so free running through the forest, and the knowledge that he had been beaten by men scared him. He did not want to go back to his body, for fear of the whip on his skin another time. The men had said they would find a use for him, that someone would pay them for his body. This scared Thelsier, he did not know what was to become of him. For now he was able to just run through the forest, the wind ruffling his fur… looking about himself he noticed that he was in the body of a wolf, surprisingly he minded little. Whatever body he had, he was free to go where he wished, coming onto a plain he saw another wolf, gray streaked with black, and young by the looks of him. He saw the image of a forest on a cold spring morning, cloaked with mists, the frigid air smelled of dew soaked grass and welcomed him to hunt. When Thelsier saw him, he was surprised, but also full of fear because he felt himself leaving the dream, he tried to call out to anyone, to the trees around him, to the wolf, he wanted to stay.



The camp was light, but the others were not awake yet, which was a relief, he did not look forward to the day’s beatings. Then he felt something tugging on his bonds, but could not turn to see what it was. After another moment, the bonds gave, and his hands fell free. Turning, he saw the wolf from his dream with the tail end of a rope falling from his mouth, he also glanced the same image of the forest. Thelsier gave a startled yelp at seeing the wolf, which aroused the three other men that shared the camp. The wolf pounced on one, which gave Thelsier the distraction he needed to grab a knife from by the fire.



He killed two men that day; he still could see their faces when he closed his eyes. Knowing they were evil men did little to soften the regret. After it was done, the wolf faced him in what almost looked like a smile, turning towards the woods and taking a few steps, before turning back to look at Thelsier. The wolf wanted him to follow, which caused Thelsier to take pause and look around the camp. He felt little regret at leaving the world of man behind; there was nothing left for him here. He turned and walked towards the wolf, who led him out of the clearing.

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