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Two and half things.


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Two things-


1. If anyone needs the survival classes let me know. I enjoy teaching either one. For that matter let me know if there are any classes you need.


2. I am not proposing changing any of the reqs *makes that perfectly clear* but I have been thinking about adding some more choices and options for everyone. A lot of older members are making new characters and I would like there to be some more RP options for them to choose from. In the end the staff will make the final decision but I would like to hear any opinions or class ideas you all have.


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Advanced physical training. A trainee "Hell Week" I can give a list of exercises actually used to train warriors. It could also include a lot of serious sparring against multiple opponents or one after another. A real boot camp like feel. Best part is that this can be done with two people. One as the trainer and one as the trainee or could be used as a punishment. It might even be an ongoing thing that there is always a unit of trainees who messed up. The trainees would be stressed out, tired, and hungry the whole week and this would be done to make sure they can take it and teach them discipline they should live by. The exercises they would learn and the lessons would make them better warriors.


Stealth Training. A class held in secret and I will explain why in a bit. It would involve learning how to roll the feet, learning to walk in various enviroments without making noise, walk on rice paper without making noise, learning how and what to dye, learning to how use plants on the person to blend in, learning how to weave a suit that blends in. Then at the end, a scavenger hunt. The hunt would consist of items held by various PCs and NPCs who would be aware that the items are a target but would not know when the class is held. The players would have to acquire to these items and at a designated time turn them in. Since there is only one of each item they may even have to acquire it from each other. They would be sworn to secrecy so if they were caught "Stealing" would be punished. This may require them to go in the Tower where they are not supposed to or even find a way to get in the Tower without getting in trouble. This would be only a test of what was learned though there could be a prize for the winner.


Tactics. Would involve some class time to learn the tactics and how to drill and carry out the tactics. Then take the trainees out and some Tower Guard volunteers and simulate a war. The Aes Sedai can even join in since its expected that they will fight in Tarmon Gaidon. Let them sleep in the rough and fight it out. End it with a ceremony or a talk from the commander. This could also include capturing and interrogating other players or putting them in charge of units, or have them be part of a calvary, etc. It can be taken in many directions. I an provide some actual battle tactics if needed.


Acquiring Armor. Allow the players to choose their armor. I can provide names and descriptions of various types. This would involve training in how to put it on (Tougher than it sounds) and maintain it. How to wear it properly (Not done as often as you think) and generally can be a sort of coming of age for the trainee. An acknowledgement that they are trusted and expected to defend the Tower at this point.

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We have an armory full of armor, check our webpage out


In the past we've done something similar to the stealth training except it was a small class taught to only three students in league with the Rogues Guild. The guild no longer exists but it might be possible to do something again like that.  I however do not think stealth is something that Warders (Tower Guards do not need it they are an amry with no real special ops) learn as a whole.  The sneaking around quietly would be covered in City survival and nature survival.



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