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Approved WK Bio for Daciana Mordecai - CC'd by CotS


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((Cannibalism in backstory approved by Tay, on the condition it's kept to just the backstory. She can still attack and bite, just not kill ^^; ))


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^ character image, for reference. Daciana and Hunter respectively.


Character Name: Daciana Mordecai

DM Handle: Jehaine

Email address: amyante[at]hotmail[dot]com

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Place of Birth/Raising: Fal Sion, Shienar




Daciana is psychotic, violent and a cannibal. She is very machiavellian, and will only go along with something if it suits her needs or desires, although as a test subject, she has little choice, and it is in her best interest to do what she is told. She has a tendency to have mood swings, one moment she will be gleeful, and cheery, then a single word or statement can make her irritable, and violent. Upon being provoked she is violent and cold, becoming more feral and animal like.


Daciana has had a hard life, and in order to keep a grip on her weakening mental condition her personality split into two, creating an older sister figure in the form of 'Hunter', though in hindsight, Hunter could be considered the first sign of the Howling. Daciana still is the dominant personality, but in case of being threatened, angered or hurt, Hunter sometimes takes over.


Hunter looks almost like her, save that her eyes have slitted pupils on a crimson sclera, and her teeth are pointed like those of a predatory animal. Hunter has no compassion, solely interested in her own survival. She will use a child as a shield, or other inhumane things to defend herself and her 'little sister'. Daciana refers to Hunter as 'The Hunter' or just Hunter. Hunter is more eager to consume human flesh then Daciana is. In comparison, one could say Hunter is the beast within Daciana, with Daciana just emulating her.


Physical Description:


Daciana stands at about 5 ft 6, and weighs 134 pounds. She has a small percentage of body fat (15-20%) comparable to that of an athlete, and keeps herself in shape to remain effective as a predator, making her a strong and agile opponent in battle.


Due to a minor case of albinism, she has pale skin and red eyes, and blonde hair which she keeps down to her neck in length. In terms of clothing, she prefers wearing something simple which doesn't hinder movement, though she can also be seen opting for a long skirt when she needs to blend in every once in a while. She tries not to get blood splattered on those, as she needs them during the day.


Character History:


Daciana was born as a normal girl in Shienar. Though it would be fitting to now tell more about her parents, the fact is that there's not much else to say about them as they were murdered by Darkfriends when the girl was just a little over three months old. The Darkfriends, kidnapping small children to raise them as assassins for the Shadow, enrolled her in a training program that ended up teaching her the things normally taught to a five year old by age two and a half.


By the time she had reached her early teens, the years of cold cruelty under the Darkfriends caused the first signs of her madness to show as she was driven closer and closer to breaking point. The thing that finally ended up driving her over the edge was a little 'one on one time' with a lonely trainer during the Festival of Lights; his colleagues found his corpse being devoured by the blood-splattered girl. She responded to their attacks by using the fighting skills they had taught her against them, and it took a Dreadlord to smash her unconscious on the ground.


In an attempt to at least see their investment not go to waste, they continued her training. It was a failure, however. She killed her trainers, she killed the researchers when she could, she just killed, again and again. After some time, she was just used as a beast, released and prodded to attack a target, using pain and other methods to convince her to behave. Eventually, she was sent on a suicide mission, but managed to escape, making her way to the fortress-city of Fal Sion, ironically the city where she was born, stalking the alleys for the seedy, the poor and other 'undesirables' she preyed upon...




(Note: I should add a couple of things before we get a ton of questions. Daciana will not be practising cannibalism as a Wolfkin. It's part of the back story to illustrate just how bad her history is. Jehaine has said that Hunter's appearance is how Daciana "sees" her counterpart... she's not actually visible to anyone else and Daciana doesn't change appearance or anything. I've also run this bio past Owen for a second opinion. Jehaine has, in addition, provided some support from the Books about cannibalism amongst the dark forces as I had my doubts about that. Given the evidence, it's plausible enough. ~Tay~)

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