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Hi folks


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Hi all,


I am new to the forums , but have been hanging around the dragonmount website for a while now. I am a huge fan of WoT. This is my all time favorite series, which used to be Lord of the Rings until I picked up Eye of the World four years ago.


In addition to reading I am also a runner and log onto nikeplus.com to record my runs and issue challenges to the other runners. I currently have a challenge called Wheel of Time characters. If any of you like to run and have the nikeplus chip please join up in the challenge.


Thanks for making a really cool website and allowing all of us fans to hang out.





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I don't really run, so I'd prefer you didn't challenge me to a race or anything like that. Then I'd have to cheat, and that would make me feel like a bad person. 


But hello. Welcome to DM. Sorry no one else has come by to welcome you. I assure you it's nothing personal. Or, at least I don't think it's personal. For all I know you may have seriously pissed off someone important like Empy or Kathana or worst of all, Hax... Actually, now that I consider that possibility, I think I probably shouldn't be seen speaking with you, so I'm gonna get out of here before they notice.


So, erm... Bye.  ;)

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