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Approved WK Bio for Jonathan Winterwind - CC'd by Warders


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Name: Jonathan Winterwind (Though he prefers John)


DM Handle: Winterwinds


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Place of Birth/Raising: Shienar


Physical Description: Standing at about 6ft 2 and 185lbs, he is well built but not too muscular. Originally his eyes were bluish green, now deep amber. He wears his long dark brown hair in a pony-tail to keep it from his eyes. The only other defining feature worth noting is that he is rather pale, although he is starting to darken from being outside due to the fact he stayed inside a lot when he was younger.



Character History


Born to merchant parents as Jonathan Valorwind in a rather large town in Shienar, he was the youngest of four children, all of whom are currently in the army. For as long as John could remember he was raised to take over the family business and spent many days, while his brothers were out playing, reading books on how to run the estate he would one day inherit.


That all changed when he was about 16. It started on a trip down to Andor with his father. They were camped in a small clearing at the side of the road. His father had gone to sleep but John was awake and looking over the manifest for the cargo they were going to pick up when pictures started to intrude on his thoughts, mostly of wide open fields and hunting. Pushing them aside, for his brothers had been gone on a hunting trip when he had left, he decided that they were just the thoughts that he usually got when his brothers were doing interesting things.


Drifting off to sleep, he dreamed of wide open planes where the scent of deer could be smelled in every direction. In this dream, he was not human but rather a wolf. There were other wolves too. Confusion and unease began to float through his mind and it only got worse when he tripped and fell flat on his face. But he did not wake up. That was not how dreams went. Trying to awaken didn't work either. The rest of the dream was spent with him trying to wake himself up.


When he eventually did, the dream was still fresh in his mind and he hurt all over from his various attempts to wake up. His father and he then continued towards their destination.


Many days later, as the dream continued to come to him each night, they stopped and the thoughts became more persistent. John started to talk to himself out loud, always telling the voices to go away. His father began to take notice and took him to a healer but the healer was just as confused as John’s father. When the healer could fine nothing wrong, she gave him a clean bill of health.


John began to fight the voices harder, not knowing what it really was. That all changed about a mile from the capital city. The local inn was full so they were forced to sleep in a barn and as his father slept, several strange men crept into the building. By now John had developed keener sight, though he denied it, and he could see that they had daggers. Fearing for his life he stopped fighting the thoughts and as the men approached he jumped them. The next thing he knew, he was standing over the bodies of two of the men. It appeared he had landed on one of them, breaking the man's neck, which in turn made the first man's arm jerk and slice the man next to him through the neck. The remaining two attackers had run away.


Trying to stand, Jonathan was suddenly taken from behind by a blunt object to the head. His father and most of the inn had woken up by then and, looking down from the hay loft, all his father had been able to see was two glowing amber eyes. Not knowing what it was, or even that it was really his son, he had grabbed a nearby object and hit John. Help arrived in the form of a few Queens’ guards who had been resting at the inn. They dragged John into the inn and settled in to wait for him to come round.


He woke up in a room upstairs. On trying to stand he almost fell back onto the bed and noticed that his leg was bound. He must have sprained something. Deciding that it was not a good idea to get up, seeing as there was a warm fire here and the door was sure to be locked, he looked out of the window. It was late winter in Andor it was like spring for him, and there was a good amount of snow on the ground, but what met his eyes as he looked through the frosted window was a pair of amber eyes. Nearly jumping out of his bed, he forced himself to look at the window again. It wasn’t any better. It was his eyes staring back at him and he lay frozen in shock. What was he?


Winterwinds… the name flowed through his mind as a picture of a winter wind blowing over a mountain and causing the fresh snowfall to come down the mountain in a thunderous roar. It was bad enough that he looked sick, but now his mind was betraying him again. He was likely to be kept indoors and would never be able to run the family business.


The smell of food and the sound of footsteps echoed in his ears but he ignored it. It must just be another symptom of his insanity. Shortly after that, the Queens’ Guard and the inn keeper came into the room to find him in a corner mumbling to himself about voices. When they finally got him to eat the guardsman told him that he was free to leave with his father. The men he had killed last night, (hearing he had killed men made him stop eating), were known criminals who had been one of the major reasons the guardsman had been put here.


When he spoke the guardsman avoided his eyes, and from the helmet John could see his eyes reflecting their new color. The following day John and his father went to the capital and got what supplies they needed. After they'd left the city, the voices started to come less frequently some days, and more others. By the time they returned home John’s mother took the news, along with his new eye color, with less grace than his father had, which was none at all. John’s brothers on the other hand thought it interesting, and often teased him about it, though John told no one of the voices lest they think him crazy as well as sick.


Though he looked sick he was still able to leave his family's estate, usually under cover of darkness. He did this for about four years, and all during that time he had a shadow. He was always aware of the shadow, though he took it for an hallucination that his mind had created due to his “Condition”. The shadow was a rather small wolf. It had a lot of gray fur that was shaded with bits of brown around the back of its ears and along its back.


Eventually, the voices came back stronger and, this time, he met someone with eyes like his own.   


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