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Come With Me


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OOC: This is post Children of the Light attack and Pre-Murder in the Yards. And a solo RP for now.


The Children had only been gone a week and things were tense around the ranch.  Cari could feel the tension that anyday they would return and that they would take them all into custody.  Taylor was living with Cari now because he couldn't stand to be in the house that his parents had died in.  He seemed to accept that Cari did the right thing even though she was the one who had killed his parents.  He was still young, he didn't have to understand, and it had only been a week.


But that wasn't the only tension in the area, Cari could feel the tension in her lovers.  Yearn was always distant and she wondered if it was because he was deciding if Cari was a darkfriend or not.  There was always that concern. Always that fear he would find out.  And leave?  She wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing, but she was sure she didn't want him leaving on that note.  Demus she wasn't sure what was wrong.  She didn't have time to ask, they were fighting fires that the Children had started, thankfully Fairhaven only heard that the Children had been in town, not that Petra and Liam had been darkfriends.  She was thankful for that at least.


A knock came on Cari's door, she answered it and a serious faced Demus stood on the other side.  "I need to talk to you."


Cari opened the door and moved out of his way so he could come in.  He came in and started right away before Cari could say anything.  "I don't feel safe here anymore.  The Children came down on us and now it's not safe.  Not safe for you, not safe for me.  Think about the children.  It's not safe here.  I'm going and I want you to come with me.  Please come with me."


It wasn't a plea but it was heart breaking to hear that in his voice. Not that he wanted him to leave, but that she couldn't go with him.  Cari tried not to look too sad but she was sure she didn't do a good job of hiding it from Demus.  "I can't go.  Sarah needs me.  We need to rebuild after Nathan's death, and now Petra and Liam.  I can't leave them like this."  Cari paused and went to Demus.  "I love you, I do, and I want to go with you but I can't."  Cari wanted to break down and cry, she was losing a best friend and the only person she truly trusted in all things, everything and anything and now he was going.  "You will always have a home here Demus.  Always."



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