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Approved WY Bio for Talim Mishadake - CCed by CotS


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Handle: Tigara

Number of Chars: Technically 2, but my first is going to die. So we'll call it 1. =)

Contact: tigara@live.com


Name: Talim Mishadake


Age: 20



Nationality: Born and raised in Tar Valon


Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 5'7"

Physique: Fit for a woman

Voice: High and childish, even at her age


Personality: Talim is snippity. She is rather demeaning and often puts people down for no reason. She is a perfectionist, always wanting something to be perfect and hardly anyone comes up to her standards. Her temper is frequent, but only ever verbally. She is very arrogant and sings her own praises. Few have earned her respect.



History: Talim was born and raised in the city of Tar Valon. Her parents owned a bank, so they were very wealthy and Talim always had the best of things. She had access to as much money as most minor nobles. Her parents loved her so, so she always got to do the high-cultured things. She was taught to ride horse, only purebreds, mind you, and she was taught how to dance, how to sing, to play various instruments, and all things expected of a lady. Her ego swelled up like a blister, and it soon seemed that no one was better than her at anything, in her opinion.



But the Aes Sedai had her full respect. She would go and wander in the foyer of the White Tower just to catch glimpses of their perfect, ageless faces. They could wield the Power, which should make everyone respect them. Oh, how she longed to be an Aes Sedai. She tried every year on her Nameday to see if she could, but to no avail. Until one year. She turned 19 and went to the Tower for another testing. Her last possible testing. If she failed this, there was no way she could be Aes Sedai. She once again got her hopes up, but she still did not pass the test and had no gift of channeling. She returned to her home and moped.



On her 20th nameday, a thought struck her. She decided that if she couldn't be an Aes Sedai, she would go for the next best thing. That day, she marched to the Tower and put her name down to enlist with the Warders. Yes, Talim, the brat from down the street, was becoming a Warder.

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well i was about to post when you beat me too it and I do not CC this, and would like a further clarification of the point since i have seen no anouncement of the lifting of bounderies against warder channeling, nor is there any explanation or note that the adm has given special aproval to this, only a note of DL aproval



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thats ok i just know that channeling divisions has restrictions on ws based on different arguments, logic dictates the same is for ws divisions...and considering warders can reach ws 20, while in cots we have a cap for darkfriends they may not transfer to the dreadlord track after ws 10 and use the df track to circumvent the ws max set on dreadlords..then i found it odd without further explanation that there at least wasnt a special plot aproved by adm or the like, as presumable this would be alike


cause weak or not channeling still gives an imense edge, a rightly placed pull at a shirt, a nudge, a gentle push that can not be blocked in a batle may be fatal and make or break the outcome of the battle for the oponent

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not you, the staff, when gaining aproval the user as a general rule only ever should have contact with 1 staff as contact person unless we are talking about an apeal, this is because staff found it ineffective to have users handle the collection of different aprovals because often details or points where lost in transaction as the user explained things differently to different staff, not nesicarily intentionaly, but still with the result that sometimes where something had multigroup aprovals the background for aproval differed from group to group contraditing eachother.


So the incarn changed it so that the user where to have contact with one staff, and the rest is internal in staff

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