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Asmodean's Killer


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I know there was an older thread about this topic, yet the post reply screen suggested starting a new thread.

This thread is to discuss who killed Asmodean.


The killer had to be someone Asmodean would recognize.  That would for sure exclude the New Forsaken since each have new bodies; maybe also Black Ajah, Mazrim Taim, Shaidar Haran, Slayer, Padan Fain.

The killer would have to been alive (in Randland) at the time.  That would exclude Belal, Rahvin, and Moiraine.

The killer would most likely have had a reason to be in Caemlyn at the time.  That would likely exclude Demandred, Mesaana, and Semirhage.

Someone on the side of the Light could also be excluded since they would likely not hide the body if they did kill him.

The killer would have most likely have been a channeler; for how else could they have hid the body.  Though balefire would not necessarily be the means to kill him.  Asmodean's scream seems to indicate that balefire was not the method.

Moghedien can be excluded since she was Nynaeve's & Elayne's prisoner at the time.

Those would limit the killer to Graendal and Sammael.  Sammael doubted Asmodean's death, so the killer was most likely Graendal.


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