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Approved WK Bio for Aislyn Brealos - For Info Only


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Character Name: Aislyn Brealos (NSW)

DM Handle: Kara J


Age: 40

Gender: Female

Place of Birth/Raising: Far Madding

Physical Description: Tall and slender, greying, shoulder length hair usually held back in a bun. Angular features.



Character History


First born to teacher parents, Aislyn had a happy childhood, she was a popular child and could befriend anyone and everyone. In time her parents had more children, somewhat later in life. Aislyn was 8 years of age when her brother was born and 12 when her sister was born. As such, she helped look after her siblings whilst her parents schooled her peers, and was instrumental in teaching them herself. It happened so gradually, first she was teaching her siblings, and then their friends and before she knew it she had become a certified teacher. She was happy with her lot and taught well, her expertise being more of a general nature. After a time she was able to open her own small school in the village of Daigan outside of Far Madding. She ruled there with a firm but fair hand and, since the school was small, having only a few children of schooling age, she had no need to employ anyone else and so filled the roles of teacher, matron, confidante and advisor with ease.


She had no regrets and loved her work and her charges beneath her firm no-nonsense exterior. By the time she was 19 though, she had started to get a reputation of being able to hear conversations that she shouldn't be able to, seeing further than she should. At first the parents of the children she taught put it down to childish fantasy or petulance at being caught red-handed but, after a time, they themselves noticed the differences. After all she was a mainstay member of their community. Whilst others were noticing the changes in their school mistress, they hadn't passed Aislyn by either. At first she told herself she was being ridiculous, tried to convince herself it was due to her experience of being a teacher. She told herself time and again that she must have gained senses particular to those in the teaching trade akin to being able to tell whether a child was lying. She never managed to convince herself though.


Then the dreams started, initially just a confused babble of smells and sounds and pictures. Many of them woke her with a racing heart and a frightened feeling. In time the dreams grew clearer somehow and Aislyn started to get nervous. She tried to force them out of her mind but she had heard stories.... eventually she gave in enough to try and research what she feared and the little she found convinced her that it would be best for her to leave. With her usual thoroughness and practicality, she stoically and methodically found a replacement and said good bye to her friends and family, having lied to them for the first time in her life. As far as they knew, she was leaving because she had been offered a better teaching post elsewhere.


Pushing her fears to one side she set off on her journey and wondered where life would take her now. She was found in an inn in a small village by a man who led her to the Stedding. There her new life began and, although she thought often of the family and children she had left behind, she knew that she had made the right decision in leaving. As the years passed, she completed her training and, led by her natural inclinations, she became a Sage.

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