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Im new and i like the crowd

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Welcome to DM!


Yes, do tell us a little about yout hobbies and interests as we can then point you in the direction of which ORGs to possible join. Of course, you can ignore that and join up with your favourite ones from the books.


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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I like to write, play Lacrosse and baseball and well just basically hang out with my friends

Lacrosse is just about the most violent sport ive ever played, it consists of a group of people divided into teams given metal sticks and told to get the ball by hitting anyone on the other team thats in your way there are other rules of course but thats it explained in a way that does not go deep into it at all its kind of like the outline.

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Another Canadian?  :) Welcome to DM, Dragonfire! I'm Loreina, a Sitter for the Greens at the White Tower, but most people call me Lorei (Lor-A). Be sure to read all the great info Barm has here for newcomers, choose where you want to start, and go visit! All the Orgs here love newbies.  ;)

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welcome to DM Dragon^^


I am Vem but you can call me Vemy


I'm a Bunny^^ (and I'm evil >.> shh, no tell anyone)



We have many places for you to check out here on DM^^


we have orgs, they tend to play games, hold discussion, some WoT related or themed and some not


we have a WoT related role play section, you make a history for a person you pretend to be then post pretending to be that person, we have the general and structured WoT discussion boards. Note: if you haven't finished the series, stay away from the general. it contains spoilers in the thread titles alone XD


And don't be surprised if the orgs arn't what you'd think


the band does music, the White Tower discussion and competitions, the Seanchan movies and games, the the illuminators are the artists and creators^^


feel free to give everything a look around and ask any questions^^



In the mean time, what character would you say you like the most? and the least?


I love Mat but can't stand Faile (her name should be Fail) and Elayne, no sure if i can explain why or not ye so ill leave that out >.>

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