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Approved FL bio for Amyante Tojimaru - CC'ed by the dark one


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Handle: Jehaine


Email address: amyante[at]hotmail[dot]com


Character Name: Amyante Tojimaru


Age: 19


Profession: Sul'dam


Weapon (primary): Hand to Hand



She feels good about herself, and it shows in her manner. However, this doesn't necessarily mean she believes everything will always turn out well for everyone, although she'll try to prevent people feeling down. She's also a strategist, able to see the big picture of things, which she credits to her open-mindedness. To her, imagination is a wonderful thing, allowing for creativity. In her view: "Rationalists follow the facts, idealists create them."


She's often empathic to a person's feelings, and doesn't have a lot of trouble trying to figure out why a person did what he/she did. This also means she doesn't see the world in the black/white way more logically inclined people would lean towards. She's laid back, and knows how to enjoy herself. However, she can get serious if the situation calls for it.


She's pretty smart, but her helpful nature sometimes causes her to appear naive. She just has a hard time turning people down, often leading to guilt trips and/or her feeling bad about it. She is also more inclined to act on her emotions. She hardly ever plans ahead, believing that it'd only hinder her should the situation change. The more strict the plan, the less it could be corrected if the situation would call for it. Therefore, she has focused herself on improvising, since she believes that adaptability would benefit her more than rigid planning.


Physical Description:


Amyante is fairly tall, standing at 5 ft 9 and weighing approximately 137 pounds. She has strawberry blond hair reaching down to halfway between her shoulder blades in length, and her eyes are a shade of blue that is known as 'royal blue', something she tends to joke about amongst friends when talking about their chances of being raised to the Blood. She has an athletic build, strong but not muscular, and a small nose and thin lips frame a heart shaped face.


Clothing wise, her favorite colors are blue, white and red, in that order, and it shows in her clothing. She never wears makeup (save for the occasional exception), not really seeing the use in pretending to be what she is not.


Place of Birth/Raising: Shon Kifar, Seanchan


Character History:


Amyante was born as the daughter of Fiona and Yasushi Tojimaru, in a small village near Shon Kifar. Living with the prospect of needing to help out at the farm, she helped her parents with chores as much as she could, developing a good amount of stamina and endurance over time. Her mother, who negotiated for her father when the time came to sell the food they had grown, taught her how to count and read, and in between chores her father taught her some of the basics of a certain martial arts style he had picked up from an officer during his time in the army.


The girl didn't really have enemies in the village, as she could get along with nearly everyone with equal ease. There was of course some chafing with the 'popular crowd', but nothing out of the ordinary took place in this one-sided rivalry. After a few years, she eventually became best friends with Kizuna, one of her former 'rivals' living a few farms away. When a few regiments of troops marched for Shon Kifar, the two children watched the rows of gleaming armor as they marched in preparation for the Return.


Amyante's eyes were aimed skywards though, at the morat'raken that flew high above everyone else, higher than she could ever imagine herself to be. It made quite an impression on her, as she would often try to imagine what her home village looked like from high above, feeling the wind play with her hair as she soared. Kizuna on the other hand was enthousiastic about becoming a sul'dam, and climbing her way up to nobility from there. The both of them had high hopes, until the day came that an official came to test them.


Much to Amyante's astonishment, she was found able to become a sul'dam herself. Happy at hearing the news, she set out to find Kizuna to tell her the news, but she was unable to find her anywhere. Enthousiasm turned to wonder, then to worry as her friend was nowhere to be found. What she found more odd however was that her best friend's parents ignored her questions, pretending she had never existed in the first place. Her own parents took her aside then, and after making sure no one was close enough to overhear told her that Kizuna had turned out to be marath'damane, and was taken away.


From that moment on, Amyante's mind was set. She'd travel to Shon Kifar with the official's letter that she had the potential to become a sul'dam, find her friend-turned-damane, and arrange for the two to be assigned to each other. She had heard rumors of how damane were being treated by some of the sul'dam, and she wanted to spare Kizuna that fate of being assigned to the wrong person. Saying goodbye to her parents, she made her way to the city, to the army recruitment office where the letter told her to go...

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the bio is fine with one consern of things? is it logical she would have seen a march for the return as a kid, when the return would have happened when she was an adult as the char progress and start interact with the mainplot?

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*nods* i had planned the age at which they were tested at 16 at first, When Coren corrected me on msn and said they'd be tested at age 14 on every year, i forgot to edit out that referrence.


Still, given that the Return involves army preparations on a continental scale, how long ago would they have started troop manoevers and exercises? Just out of curiousity i mean, as Amy would more than likely have ended up in them ^^;

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what i pointed out was a general consern, based on those things and that its likely due your training and whatnot that your char age more then a couple years before reaching full rank, so it was mainly a consern that i wanted to make sure the FL staff and you both had thougth through and was on the same page about


also cause i couldnt really answer the question of how long the return been in planing, let alone how long the public would have known of such plans...thats a question as it affect not only this bio but previous and future bio's the DL would have to answer for in estimating if there isnt a loged record on it


otherwise there is no reason they couldnt have seen the army for something, really anything as is, because the army been there all the time, is part of their structure, and the seanchan do have a very contest related society, as such i am sure house skirmishes or whatnot would be quite normal or whatnot


but as said it was mainly a consern point i wanted to make sure was acording to realism, it may or may not be, its just something i wanted an answer on before final CC


to be sure it was not a missed point or a hichup



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I don't think the mention is really an issue. Certainly not a large one. The return is not only something openly known of, it is the singular goal of the mighty Seanchan Empire. Everyone would know of it and the plans for such a large scale endeavor would take decades if not more to plan.

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