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Approved FL bio for Ahdam Baraka - CC'd by a Wolfie


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Handle: Flavius


Character Name: Ahdam Baraka


Email Address: scott_m67@hotmail.com


Division: Freelanders


Age: 25


Gender: Male


Physical Description: Standing a 5’ 10, Ahdam is unusually tall and lithe for a Domani male. His skin is a deep copper colour, and his dark hair comes down to his shoulders. He takes meticulous care of his person and as such sports no scars or disfiguring marks, and he prefers to keep himself clean shaved. His health became somewhat delicate in his later years.


His eyes are a dark brown, with a long face, and his hair his usually tied back into braids. Due to his travels his clothing is rather eclectic. Whilst on the road he usually favours loose fitting coats and pants with knee high boots, however when at though home he tends to dress more sumptuously, often adorning himself with rings, and bracelets.




Ahdam made his wealth away from his homeland of Arad Doman, and so is rather independently minded, given to bouts of mild eccentricity brought on by never settling down in one place for very long, or very well. His treatment at the hands of the Far Madding Council have leant him a great deal of cynicism and scepticism over the years. Often an affable enough man, Ahdam’s seemingly aristocratic narcissism has fooled more than one merchant into thinking him a pompous, idiotic noble playing merchant. This is usually something Ahdam is happy to take advantage of.


Place of Birth:  Bandar Eban


Character History: The only son of a Domani merchant family cast Ahdam as an outsider from the very beginnings of his life. His father died shortly after his birth, and his mother was unfortunate enough to have loved the man enough not to remarry. As such she taught Ahdam all she knew regarding the merchant skills. However when Ahdam came of age he found himself constantly disadvantaged in a world dominated by women. He fought hard to make his first major fortune, securing trading deals with several Saldaean corn farmers.


A consortium of merchants conspired to drive Ahdam out of the market, and as such nearly bankrupted him in a yearlong financial struggle that sucked his limited resources dry. His fall was a very public affair, something Ahdam will never forget. He was eventually driven out of Arad Doman with little more than a wagon loaded with some personal possessions. This instilled in Ahdam a grim determination to triumph at any cost, and a deep resentment of his low social standing in Arad Doman; he would never be so embarrassed again. He often assumes a more noble air to hide his background.


He settled for a time in Illian where he was able to set himself up to take advantage of the city’s ports. Within a year of arriving he had formed a small consortium, name the Blue Sun after a small inn he lived in for several weeks whilst organising the group, which specialised in agricultural imports from Ebou Dar and Tear. The following years saw Ahdam expand his trading links to Murandy and Caemlyn, as well as diversifying to weapons, clothing, furniture, books and some limited luxury items.


At the age of twenty he moved to Far Madding, where once again Ahdam found himself under attack by an entrenched female society. Whilst not as virulent as his Domani kin, Ahdam has found much fiercer competition in Far Madding, brought on by the simple fact he is a man. His status as a foreigner allows him to avoid many of the city’s stringent rules regarding male citizens and trade, however he is forbidden from owning property outside the immediate vicinity of the three foreigner friendly markets. Ahdam stays there as much to snub the city’s matriarchal leaders as for its prime position.


All of this proved to be worth it, as Ahdam was able to expand his trading links further into Cairhein and as far north as Tar Valon. Ahdam has since amassed considerable wealth, and owns homes in Far Madding, Illian and Tar Valon, as well as operating several trade ships that ply the Erinin River.


Despite all this Ahdam has developed something of wanderlust over the years, and frequently travels abroad to seek out new trading deals. However he usually finds himself plagued by illnesses during his travels, this despite his robust health. Regardless Ahdam is eager to set himself up in Tar Valon, and as such has been spending increasingly more time in the city, hoping to capitalise on the needs of the Aes Sedai.

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The applicant for this bio has requested an additional addendum to it, so I'm actually going to ask you to remove your CC until such time as I can work the details with the submitter and post the edited bio. My apologies.

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