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Eurovision Song Contest - Top 10 Winners


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Right...I just about have my list of the Top 10 winners of Eurovision. I came across these two videos on YouTube that give a medlee of all the winners. Feel free to have a look and create your own top 10.


1956 to 1979: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xb9LXuROGI

1980 to 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbk4pxXj_P0


Both are interesting watches, as it highlights the changes that have most definitely happened with the winning songs.


I'll post my Top 10 list once I wake up in the morning.

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I've had a change of heart, and have decided to do it now!


10. Tu Te Reconnaîtras by Anne-Marie David (Luxembourg, 1973)

I just love her voice! So rich and so powerful! Plus it is quite catchy as a song.



9. Non ho l'età (per amarti) by Gigliola Cinquetti (Italy, 1964)

From the early days of Eurovision, and what a lovely voice she has.



8. Molitva by Marija Šerifović (Serbia, 2007)

At their first attempt, Serbia won in a song in its own language for the first time since 1998 and Dana International. It was a powerful and emotional song, with a gutsy performance.



7. Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi (Finland, 2006)

The Finnish rockers showed that ugly could be beautiful as they stormed to victory in 2006 with a record breaking points total. While I hated the song to begin with, it has grown on me a lot. Eurovision with a difference.


6. Ne partez pas sans moi by Céline Dion (Switzerland, 1988)

Before hitting the big time, Céline hit the heights for Switzerland in the ESC. A typical Dion song that shows off her singing talents.


5. Puppet on a String by Sandie Shaw (U.K., 1967)

A year before colour television hit Eurovision, Sandie Shaw grabbed the first win for the U.K. with a song that broke from the traditional ballad of previous years as pop started its takeover on Eurovision.



4. The Voice by Eimar Quinn (Ireland, 1996)

This was Ireland's last victory, and in my eyes, their best. Eimar had a fantastic voice, and it showed that Folk music can be successful at Eurovision. Along with Lordi, it is probably one of the more extreme winners.



3. I Wanna by Marie N (Latvia, 2002)

Eastern Europe had begun its stranglehold on winning Eurovision in 2001 with victory for Estonia, but Latvia's entry the year after surpassed it. It also brought back the idea of ripping clothes off like Bucks Fizz. It was a lively upbeat tune with feels of Latin America, especially Ricky Martin.


2. Wild Dances by Ruslana (Ukraine, 2004)

It's fast, it's frentic, it's furious! And it's cavemen and cavewomen! Throw in the fact it is a good tune that you just have to nod along to, and it is Eurovision success. Plus Ruslana has a great powerful voice needed for such an active song.


1. Waterloo by ABBA (Sweden, 1974)

Probably Eurovision's greatest ever winner. Such a catchy tune, and easily remembered lyrics. It's great to dance to! So many things made it successful. And it is a formula Sweden keep repeating, with Charlotte Nilsson's 1999 winner Take Me to Your Heaven having distinct undertones of Waterloo. Will anyone be able to outdo ABBA and Waterloo?


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With the exception of ABBA, only counting 1980 and forward...


1. Molitva - Mariva Šerifović

2. Waterloo - ABBA

3. Nocturne - Secret Garden (Norway 1995)

4. J'aime la vie - Sandra Kim (Belgium 1986)

5. Wild Dances - Ruslana

6. The Voice - Eimar Quinn

7. Everyway That I can - Sertab (Turkey 2003)

8. I Wanna - Marie N

9. Ein Bisschen Frieden - Nicole (Germany 1982)

10. Insieme:1992 - Toto Cotugno (Italy 1990)



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