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Animals in Tel'aran'rhiod.......

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I've been thinking for a while about this. Animals in Tel'aran'rhiod seem to be there for longer than possible if they were 'dreaming.' A simple example would be the place in TSR where Egwene encounters Amys hunting the boar. The boar is there for a long,long time. Of course, it is possible that Amys brought the boar into existence by thinking so.


Furthermore, when Nynaeve and Elayne visit Ebou Dar in the world of dreams in early LOC, they see flies in many places. How could living things be there in that manner?


It is impossible to tell whether animals dream or not of course. Any thoughts?

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All wild animals have reflection in TAR.  Only domesticated ones are not there.  Flies apparently qualify as wild animals to RJ.  Remember that Egwene here bird calls in TAR when she enters.  It talks about animal reflections in FoH when Nynaeve and Elayne are with the menagerie.


Amys certainly had enough control of TAR to imagine a boar there for her to hunt.

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Similar to the way that the wolves have living bodies in the real world but also have a way of constantly being part of the "wolf dream" aka Tel'aran'rhiod.


Hmmmm....I doubt that would be relevant. The wolves seem to be a special animal species that have a link to T'A'R. But flies have the same effect? Seems unlikely.

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I don't have the book in front of me to quote it, but in FoH in specfically says that all wild animals have reflections in TAR.  It's in the scene where Nynaeve is surprised that the s'redits have been domesticated so long that they no longer have reflections in TAR.  Flies are clearly not domesticated animals so it stands to reason they would have reflections in TAR.  They are not like the wolves that are aware of where they are and use it to there advantage.  The flies, birds, etc. are simply reflections of the waking world.

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