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  1. I came into this thread expecting the same hate you were describing, and I was pleasantly surprised. I completely agree with you. Maybe in 2 or 3 years when eBooks are a lot more widespread it will be a big issue when 40-50% of readers can't get a book on time. On the other hand, for the few days before I read ToM I was scared to even visit DM for fear I would be spoiled on something (mostly just paranoia but wanted to make sure). For a book so many people are anticipating, the readers shouldn't be forced to wait for their preferred medium.
  2. This whole topic is pretty much a ToM spoiler...I've read it but other people might not have. The state of the world and factions at the end of the book is pretty big spoiler.
  3. I really don't think RJ could be railing against philosophy as a branch of knowledge. After all, who hasn't thought about the world and their own place in it? This is, after all, what sets us apart from animals. We question the state of the world instead of just accepting it. Society as we know it today could not exist without philosophers, America in particular. Unless RJ is suggesting we revert to the state of nature? Somehow I don't think so.
  4. As far as we know, the breaking is exactly what the pattern intended. Up to this point in the books, the only thing we know that can alter the pattern away from its original intent is balefire, which creates the balescream effect you described. There was no groan of the pattern rearranging to account for this (which would have happened immediately), nor, as Didymos pointed out, did anyone feel anything out of the ordinary. Surely such a monumental re-weaving of the pattern would have had these effects on a global scale. Also, what we know about the Land of Madmen suggests that the breaking was a man-made occurrence. Apparently the interior of the Land of Madmen is as if the breaking never ended. The channelers there are constantly reshaping that landmass, like the breaking never ended.
  5. 100% agree. I've been reading WoT for more than HALF of my life! Constant re-reads have been justified because I've been brushing up to get prepared for the release of the next books. When its over I don't know what I will do with myself. I read Eye of the World in the same year I read the first Harry Potter ('98) and one of those is already done. I'm going to be an empty shell when WoT is over. Will we ever see another series that's even half so epic? I sincerely hope so, but I doubt it can happen at this level. The other day I told myself that I wasn't going to read A Memory of Light because I didn't want it to be over. Then I told myself that was ridiculous. But still... I guess there's still ASoIaF, I'll probably be middle-aged before that series is over.
  6. Well, not everyone does. A very large percentage do, but, for instance, I highly doubt most Tairen peasants are at all literate. We also know that the Tower has had to regularly teach many of its novices to read and write after they arrive. Anyway, it's largely due to printing surviving even during the Breaking and the existence of very long-lived folk like the Ogier and Aes Sedai that kept the habit of literacy alive. The early post-Breaking AS especially, I'd imagine, as they'd have wanted to keep as much of the AoL alive as they could and also make sure the world knew and remembered the Shadow. Then later you have Hawkwing's empire, which was actually quite socially progressive in many ways and able to influence the entire continent. I guess it all comes down to ta'veren. That's one of the most ingenious parts of WoT, the main characters can have the most unlikely things happen to them during their whole lives and we can't question it because they are the most important part of the pattern during the present. We see all the most unlikely things occur because the pattern needs those things to happen to our guys. I'd like to propose a toast to Robert Jordan, who's foresight is unparalleled and who is also a complete badass. To RJ!
  7. It says "until the age that gave it birth comes again." The third age is different from the second age in many ways. The only real constant is the One Power. Maybe in history, the 2nd age was always the one where the enlightened people discovered a way to reach the dark one, and then they attempted it and then tried to reseal it. And then maybe the third age was always the one where they had to try again, with the reincarnated Dragon. Maybe when this is all over there won't be any more One Power until the next 2nd age occurs and the process repeats itself. Just because the Dragon isn't something that is forgotten doesn't mean he's the most important thing to happen during the turnings of the Wheel. Plus, I love that opening sequence. Don't ruin it for me. :)
  8. Well, obviously not, but we weren't talking about that kind of education. The original question was about how your average Randlander learns to read and write and suchlike, not how some eccentrics figured out how to bottle "lightning" or build some really nasty ballistae. Yeah but a little more like "why does every Randlander, even the farmers from the most forgotten part of Andor, take time out of their farming every day to learn how to read books and such?" Also the Fal Dara football team will wreck Illian. Heavy cavalry ftw.
  9. I guess I'm like you. Mat is definitely the best character in the whole series.
  10. Yeah: he's essentially fostering scientific research. These places also gather numerous scholars together in convenient locations, and collaboration will inevitably result given time. Students will also come to learn from the people there. Many already have, basically having become research assistants. I.e., he's started up universities. Higher education. And historically, universities were more common than widespread public education for children. I suppose you're right. But this means Rand is going to have to stop a breaking this time otherwise we'll lose everything. Look at how advanced the AoL was and we lost almost everything from then because of the breaking.
  11. I agree with that for the most part, though I'm having a difficult time reconciling some of the facts that we see in the books. It kind of comes down to the chicken and the egg, and nature vs nurture. Does their power determine their mindset and position? Or vice versa? Myself, I think the pattern needed some strong people to make some changes, so that's what it did.
  12. Read ToM already! Answers there. Also its awesome.
  13. Brandon said he was not going to try and imitate RJ's writing style, a decision that I agree on. I really like the way that the 2 new books have turned out so far. I can easily overlook any discrepancies; I'm just glad we have such a capable writer with a love for the series to finish it.
  14. Doctorate in Applied Badger Easing. I might be a bit too old for this, but why does "ease the badger" sound like every male masturbation metaphor ever? And there's always been an inn named that? Randland house of ill repute? I think so. Also, Rand's academy doesn't seem like its really tries to educate people, its more for people who want to mess around with new things. Like the steamhorse. Doesn't really seem for kids to learn grammar, math, and social studies. Bachelor's in Utterly Ridiculous Units of Measurement Daes Dae'mar 101 (Assassinations aren't til 203, FYI) Masters in Fine Tuning Daily Dress
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