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Approved WY bio for Adam Thane-Please CC


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Character's name: Adam Thane

Age (must be 16 - 21): 20

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland):  Whitebridge

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Greenish blue

Height:  5'9" ft

Weight:  165 lbs

Personality: Adam quite often speaks first and thinks later which have put him in trouble more than once. Also he loves a good laugh and all his emotions are instantly shown on his face. Also he does not mind being in the centre of attention, but he


Brief History: As noted Adam was born in Whitebridge where he have lived a quite unremarkable life together with his mother, father and older sister. Their family owned and ran an inn called The Goblet which even though it was quite a small inn the Thane's could live a satisfactory life, even though they were not rich then at least they had food on their table each day.

While growing up in Whitebridge Adam's mother, Selene, was very fond of all sorts of books so Adam's father, Timothy, bought her almost all the books she wanted when the money allowed. Having quite a collection of books resulted in Adam becoming quite interested in reading, not just The Travel's of Jain Farstrider and the likes of that, he also read quite a lot of history books and the like, even though heroes, villains and the epic adventures were his favorite.

The life in Whitebridge was satisfying, helping out at the inn, fooling around with friends and suchlike, but Adam longed for adventure and seeing other parts of the world, so at the age of 18 he left The Goblet with his family's blessing although Kyira, his one year older sister, thought that it was rather foolish.

During the years that he wanders around from city to city he picks up a few skills while working as whatever he can find someone to employ him as, and as his 20th birthday draws near he also wanders towards the mythical city of Tar Valon.

Tar Valon. The cold Aes Sedai and their steadfast Warders. Everyone have heard the stories. Some people fear the Aes Sedai, some people are amazed by them. One thing that most people can agree with is that they do not leave people unaffected. As Adam came closer to Tar Valon he saw his future self ride past, the colorshifting mantle whipping in the harsh wind. A Warder. Adam had always been a bit careless about what he should do with his future. Skipping from city to city he most of the time hadn't had the faintest idea where he might end up at the end of the month, even less so at the end of the year. But now he saw it clearly. Even though he was not skilled with weapons he was a fast learner, and this was what he was supposed to do.

Adam entered Tar Valon and tried to seek out the one who would guide his first steps on the road to his destiny.

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Also he does not mind being in the centre of attention, but he


but he what? seems like part of the bio has fallen out here, just thougth i would mention it so the rest can be inserted


otherwise looks good

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