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Approved WK Bio for Winifred Baylies - For Info Only


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Player: Nynaeve

Rank: Head Tracker (NSW)



Name: Winifred "Fred" Baylies

Age: 28

Hair: Long straight and crimson. Usually braided.

Eyes: Dark yellow.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 58 killos.

Place of birth: A little village at the outskirts of Caemlyn.




Winifred's birth was her father's tragedy. It was the day he lost his beloved wife, Saffron. She was ill. Some sort of exotic disease that no one seemed to know much about. There was little to no hope but together they managed to pull through. A miracle was suddenly not just a word. Though it soon transformed back to one when Saffron broke the news to her husband. She was with child.


His fears were confirmed when they were told that Saffron was too weak to survive a pregnancy. There was a way. To give up the child. But Saffron would hear none of that. Every time Winifred's father would bring up the subject, she'd stroke her belly, smiling, repeating the same words. "This. This is my miracle." And so she was. Winifred was her mother's gift and her father's curse.


After the loss of Saffron, Winifred's father was never the same. He was not the once affectionate and proper man that Saffron fell in love with. It was a rare occasion when his breath didn't reek of ale. His expression would always be fixed on indifference. He wouldn't take much notice of Winifred. To him she was just a constant reminder of when her life started and his ended. Destiny's cruel joke. But he dared not cast her aside, fearing that Saffron would never forgive it.


And so the years passed. With each year Winifred's frustration grew. The uncertainty. The rejection. Afraid to approach someone who was more of a stranger than a father. One day, however, she drew enough strength and planted herself in front of her father. He tried to circle her, but she blocked him. For the first time she could remember, the man actually looked at her, rather than through her. "Father." The word seemed to insult him. He twisted his mouth with distaste. Winifred could feel her eyes growing wet, but she refused to cry.


"Was there any time of my life that you cared for me? That you loved me?". Her father's eyes were so dead. But she did not move. "How can you love a thorn in your side?". There was no stopping the tears then. Her father made another attempt to move past her but she wouldn't let him. "Then why? Why have me if you do not want me here?" Her father pushed her aside, losing his temper. "If things went my way you would not be here right now. Now leave me."


Winifred lost it, unable to see her father's face anymore because of the flow of tears. "Leave you? To do what? Drink yourself to sleep? If Momma could see you know she'd be ashamed to ever have called you a husband!" The moment those words left her mouth she knew it for the mistake it was. A full armed slap spun her to the floor. She looked up, anger evident in her eyes. But she did not expect the look in her father's eyes. It was at first astonishment that quickly turned into fear. "Your eyes…. What are you?". Winifred was lost.


Her father stumbled to the door and went outside. She could hear him shouting for help. Shadowspawn were in his house. But… she was the only one in the house. It was madness. But it did not matter. Her father had many friends. She was but a young woman. Friendless because her father forbade her to leave the house. There was but one thing she knew. She had to get out. Right away. She grabbed what she could and fled out of the window, still hearing her father's shouts in the distance.


She ran. Ran like never before. Ran until her legs couldn't carry her anymore. And then she crawled. Trying to put as much distance between her and the man she once called father. She reached a little stream when she utterly collapsed. She stretched her hands into the stream and washed her muddy face. It was a full moon and it reflected beautifully in the water. Winifred moved her head closer, wanting to look at her reflection, bathed in the moon's fragile light. She didn't expect to see yellow eyes looking back at her. She stumbled back. "He was telling the truth…" Horrified, she finally passed out from exhaustion.




"Fred?". Winifred let go of her memories and turned to find Lorelai in front of her. "Yes?". Lorelai gave her a friendly hug. "I hear you're setting out to pick up a wanderer. And since i'm gonig in the same direction, I figured we could travel together. Two sets of eyes are better than one. I would of course be humbled to travel with the respected Head Tracker." Lorelai bowed her head and Winifred burst out laughing. "The honor would be mine, oh funny one." Lorelai returned a smile. "We set out at dawn?". Winifred looked up at the sky. "Yes. Don't keep me waiting." She winked and headed off to pack.

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