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The Reds and their dirty little secrets.


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We know from Winter's Heart the Chesmal, a Black Sister originally Yellow, induced the Red Ajah to Murder the Amrylin Seat, Sierin Vayu.  This is most likey a result of the anonymous note regarding the Black Ajah that Suian left for Sierin when she fled the Tower looking for Moraine in NS.  While this doesn't make the Black Ajah, it is certainly ground for trial and stilling.


Sierin obviously found out the Chesmal was BA by initiating her own investigation after reading Suian's note.  What is unclear is how a Yellow, even a talented one like Chesmal, convinced the Reds to murder a sitting Amyrlin.


This leads me to another question.


It is pointed out that the Reds in the Tower refuse to even comment on the False Dragon/Red Ajah rumor.  Typically, when an Aes Sedai refuses to answer a question, it means they can't think of a way to lie and still not lie.  Could it be that there is actually a connection between the False Dragons, the Red Ajah, and the death of Sierin Vayu and Suian just made a really lucky guess.


That's why they can't deny it outright.  There is some connection between the events, too much of a connection for a Red sister to say "The Red Ajah had no connection to any False Dragons" 



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The unsanctioned, extra-legal gentling was going on at the time. Sierin's quiet investigations were used to convince the Reds she was on to them, so they tried to silence her.


It's the same reason the Black moved against Ospenya- she was calling in prominent, definitely non-Black sisters to investigate something, and the Black feard she targetted them. Actually, she was preparing to find and prepare the Dragon.

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