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The Wheel Of Time. . .The Epic Films


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Excuse me if this post already has a presence. . .I am new. I feel this is a great subject considering recent events. Perhaps we can all share our perspectives. Frankly, there's only a few directors who could possibly have the balls to even ponder touching a series like TWOT. . .Peter Jackson & George Lucas are the quick two that come to mind for obvious reasons. . .


I don't want to venture into who plays who, but rather what will become of Mr. Jordan's writing style when it is picked apart by a film director concerned with not making a 6 hour+ movie? I feel that is the critical point here. I have reviewed the galleries and enjoyed them throughly, but I tend to see a more adult crowd rather than Mat's innocent boyish looks and Lan's unaged face. . .I always pictured CLint eastwood's face as Lan. . .The Good The Bad and The Ugly face that is. Aged by life, not by time.


Im getting away from my original point, but perhaps someone can continue this. I feel like I don't want to write too much, but then again this is a Wheel Of Time community, and if there are folks here who can't handle reading. . .maybe they are in the wrong place. Cheers.


- The Asha' man

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