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Logain: A Glow Around Rand


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Guest Dreadlord

I am currently on another re-read and Nynaeve has just this moment Healed Logain. As Nynaeve is panicking and putting every once of Saidar she can channel into a shield, Logain says to her that he once saw a man who he thought would be more dangerous than himself. He explains that he saw someone when he was captured and just brought to Caemlyn, it is obvious he is referring to Rand. He said he saw a glow around Rand when Rand was watching from atop the wall.


Now I didnt have time to post a quote so I got the page number.

Lord of Chaos, To Heal Again, page 602.


So, Logain saw a glow around Rand. As far as I can remember the only other person who has visions similar to that is Min, or when Aes Sedai channel but obviously its nothing like that.


So have there been any other incedents like the one Logain mentioned? Where he sees a glow around Rand, or any other sort of vision or viewing? I wondered if this could be a Viewing like Min has but I thought not.


Thoughts please

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